Dr. Jennifer Walden Drives Passion Forward

Passion is what keeps people striving towards their goals. The passion to look good and to feel good can be a driving force in a person’s life. If you build a future that is fed by your passion, you will attract success. Dr. Jennifer Walden a prominent plastic surgeon, seems to know and follow this truth. She has created a safe, relaxing, nonjudgmental environment for the patients at her cosmetic surgery practice. This is her passion.

Dr. Jennifer Walden founded MedSpa Walden Cosmetic Surgery and operates in Austin, Texas. She performs surgeries of the nose, breast, face, and genitals. Known nationally for her aptitude, expertise, and advice, she is a board-certified plastic surgeon that excels in the personal attention that she gives to her clients. She knows that it’s important for her patients to feel involved in the decision making process when it comes to plastic surgery.

Technology is transforming aspects of plastic surgery and Dr. Jennifer Walden has incorporated one of the latest advancements into her practice. She offers cutting-edge 3D imaging technology so that patients can see what they could look like post surgery. For non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation, she has available the ThermiVa radio frequency technique and the diVa laser. Additionally, she can use a SmartGraft device to transplant individual hairs and has SculpSure for laser fat reduction.

As a member of the Board of Directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, she frequently appears on television and speaks at national conferences expressing her opinions regarding the current state of the industry. She also serves as the Commissioner of Communications for the board. She earned her MD and served her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Afterward, she obtained a fellowship in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Then she remained in New York City working on the Upper East Side for more than seven years.

Graham Edwards and Telereal Trillium successfully conceptualize sowing and reaping

Graham Edwards is a genius who is currently an effective CEO of the Telereal Trillium which is the United Kingdom’s largest privately owned property company (http://askreporter.com/2018/03/graham-edwards-donation-impact/).

Graham Edwards is very well-rounded because he has demonstrated that he is very insightful. His approach to business affects more than one layer of thought. With his guidance Telereal Trillium works on different layers to complete a successful whole.

Graham Edwards has proved that he thinks about the financial well being of the company. He has worked with the company as they have thought about and taken measures regarding the environment and pollution.

Graham Edwards has also strategically empowered employees through implementing charitable donations. In many ways he is ahead of his time. He has helped the company grow as they progressed into their merger in 2009. History proves that sometimes a merger can make or break a company so having the right person to oversee operations and filling in the gaps and functioning in a strategic role is critically important. Graham Edwards has done this not just financially but also in philosophy.

The philosophy of giving back to those in need has helped Telereal Trillium’s growth.

Graham Edwards has the Telereal Trillium employees sold on the idea of charitable giving. Telereal Trillium has a charitable program that encourages their employees to participate in at least one day a year of volunteerism that will support their local communities.

More companies would benefit if they would simply adopt Graham Edward’s philosophical concept. It is ingenious and effective because it supports a very basic principle of sowing and reaping.

These companies could potentially benefit from positive media exposure and making an impact in the world that we inhabit. This idea and concept is a great idea to flesh out on a local level too. A person is more than likely to give to a cause when they can see the results of what they’re doing as it impacts their local surroundings.

Implementing a charitable company matching program such as the one exercised by Graham Edwards maybe an excellent way to retain quality employees that live in bad neighborhoods. They may see the impact of what their dollars and contributions are changing. They may even reconsider the choice to choose a higher-paying employer if they have a sense of pride and accomplishment in their local neighborhoods which many of them may have grown up in and is essentially the world that they live in.


Writer, CEO, Inspiration Glen Wakeman

If you are looking for somebody that is an inspiring person, a motivator, as well as an experienced business venture then that person is Glen Wakeman. Glen has founded numerous business but his most prominent one is Launchpad Holdings which has the capability of focusing on different people that are striving to be entrepreneurs and look to develop their business by means of organizing the ideas which we all know is the main structure of any business. Glen targets the foundation of a entrepreneurs business by targeting the core plans that can truly influence the decisions made by the CEO of that new business. These tactics drive change, culture, and sustainability within these businesses which then helps the community and thus not only creates profit but bolsters morale as well.

Glen is a proven business man with degrees in economics and Finance from the University of Scranton. The credentials provide a stable foundation of knowledge that Glen pulls from when making crucial business decisions. Experience and ingenuity provide Glen Wakeman a very wide range of ideas that help inspire his businesses and also his foundation helps keep him on track.

Whenever a business is starting numerous entrepreneurs know that it will most likely not be profitable and thus sometimes give up from the start. This is because entrepreneurs usually have a ton of ideas and drive but not the capital to back it up with potential to tap into the market that they are striving for. Glen knows that making an actual profit takes time and he gives advice on this specific topic as well in that he mentors while delivering key experience. Glen advises other entrepreneurs to seek profit on a gradual level while sustaining good marketing and an excellent relationship with the customer base. These factors will help drive success and limit the amount of failures and low points that a business will definitely see when it starts to tap into any given market. Glen says that the toughest part of the business world is the start, so the key is to stay driven and goal focused so that you are able to keep a steady flow of inspiration.


A New Way of Doing Business With GoBuyside Recruitment and Business Inquiry Services

Hiring and talent recruitment have undergone significant changes since the internet became accessible, as jobs have also changed due to the increased access to information. GoBuyside is a recruitment company that employs technology to search and assesses job trends in the finance sector. In 2015, 24% of employees in the finance sector performed a par or all their work at home on the internet, reported the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The implication is a less consideration of employees’ location by employers increasing their hiring search. GoBuyside says that this broadens the selection bias during recruitment a fact that will see high-quality employees selected to suit various companies’ needs. Read this article at Accesswire.

By leveraging on location flexibility, GoBuyside uses aggregating programs and software to come up with a nationwide pool of employees selecting the best for hire. The software searches for applicants details from internet sources such as LinkedIn to assess if they fit the job description of their firms. The financial market has adopted a trend where part-time and project-specific roles are common. GoBuyside has a system for tracking applicants and uses artificial intelligence and online job boards to help firms identify and fill these short-term employment needs.

GoBuyside’s recruitment process has attracted their services to Fortune 500 companies, private equity firms, investment managers, and hedge funds. Applicants also benefit with their recruitment platform that is well connected with numerous firms across the world. GoBuyside has in-depth information and statistics about hiring companies giving applicants ample time to decide and assess their suitability for the current and future plans of the firm. The platform has connection features, updates, confidential jobs and reviews making it easy for applicants and recruitment firms to work efficiently.

GoBuyside’s project consulting is one of the most effective talents in such a case. Due to various compliance needs, projects can be under pressure especially lack qualified personnel, but GoBuyside has a global talent network that is conversant with as-needed hiring mode. Contacting them ensures that you save time and resources and your project is actualized and completed by the best there is.

View: https://www.gobuyside.com/contact

They have worked since 2011 with start-ups in the finance market, and the process has gained substantial experience that can be relied on. They have done market analysis and research for most ideas, and there is no need to invest and tire yourself with the same while they can offer the same timely and adequately. Their experts know who to tackle price localization, trade barriers and sizing up competition giving you a great head start with your business idea saving you time.

With the right talent, businesses pick up quickly, and GoBuyside helps you do just that by outsourcing candidates with specialized knowledge for each business stage. This allows entrepreneurs to develop business strengths while minimizing possible weaknesses. Moreover, to increase profits and spur more growth, the company comes up with marketing collateral, new ways to enter a potential market, and other operational and marketing strategies. Even if it includes raising capital which can be hard for businesses, GoBuyside has a dedicated team of individuals specializing in fundraising presentations and strategic growth plans. Read this article at Nasdaq.

Sussex Healthcare Gives Seniors A Better Life

For many seniors, living in a healthcare facility can be difficult. There are not many things for them to do in the facilities they typically have to choose from, but Sussex Healthcare is different. It gives them a chance to try different things and that’s what keeps their life happy.

The seniors who are at Sussex Healthcare know they’re getting the best opportunities possible. They also know they have a great program they can take advantage of while they’re there. Families can feel good about helping their seniors by putting them at Sussex Healthcare.

Perhaps one of the best things the healthcare facility has is the senior gym. The gym is set up to allow seniors the chance to enjoy themselves. All the equipment is adaptive and allows people to try different things out no matter what they do or what they are capable of doing. Sussex Healthcare made sure people could enjoy things on their own without the bother that comes with trying to use equipment that could hurt them. Seniors have less of a chance of being hurt by the gym since it is designed to help them through different exercises. It is a gym that offers many opportunities.

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Since Sussex Healthcare first started, they’ve been providing people with opportunities no other facility has to offer. Throughout the time they have started helping people, they’ve learned about what they need to do. They also know there are things seniors can take advantage of while they’re there so they do everything possible to provide them with those opportunities. No matter how hard people work toward different opportunities, Sussex Healthcare gives them a chance to experience more in their lives. It is their way of giving people what they need and helping them through different situations.

For Sussex Healthcare, the point of helping their residents and patients is to give back to the community. They believe people deserve a chance at a better life especially at the end of life. They also believe there is a chance to make a difference for people no matter what they are dealing with in their own lives. For Sussex Healthcare, the care they provide to patients adds up and makes things better. It is their way of giving the community help it needs. Seniors at Sussex Healthcare are generally happy because of the care they receive through the programs the company offers to them.

See: http://chronicleweek.com/2017/11/choosing-the-services-that-sussex-healthcare-provides-how-specialists-can-help-residents/

Mike Baur’s Career in Business

Mike Baur is the current co founder of the Swiss based company Swiss Startup Factory. His company has emerged as one of the most innovative in the country. The company was started up to help many entrepreneurs find ways to build successful companies of their own. Prior to his pursuit of entrepreneurship, Mike would spend a decade as an investor. While working as an investor, he would spend his time investing in numerous new businesses. This allowed him to get valuable exposure to startup businesses. When he began his carer, he worked at banks and serve as an advisor to entrepreneurs who were looking to start up new companies. Baur’s assistance would enable many companies to start and expand. All of these experiences have enabled Mike Baur to have a rewarding career in business.


When Mike Baur first started his career in business, he worked for a number of banks. While working at these institutions, he would specialize in talking to entrepreneurs and about their financial needs for starting up a business. Baur would often evaluate their business idea, its demand and what funding they need in order to succeed. On most occasions, Baur would approve of loans which gave businesses the necessary capital to start up and expand. This banking experience was the first major thing that allowed Baur to eventually transition into entrepreneurship.


After working in the banking industry for over twenty years, Mike would then move on to pursue opportunities in startup investing. Mike would research a number of companies and then find which ones he would like to invest in. He would then put some of his funds into these companies and then receive a portion of their profits. This proved to be a highly lucrative experience for him. As well as providing him with financial rewards, Baur would also use this experience to get even more knowledge about the potential of startup businesses.


Baur would start up Swiss Startup Factory as the co founder of the company. This company specializes in helping entrepreneurs run and manage their companies. Mike’s company provides mentorship, coaching and support for a number of entrepreneurs who are looking to get the most out of their business ventures. The company works by holding an event where entrepreneurs can pitch their business idea and then get approval from Mike and his staff. Upon approval, Swiss Startup Factory will then provide assistance in all aspects of business such as managing finances and marketing.

Ian King Shows People How to Invest in Cryptocurrency

From investing to selling and even mining, Ian King is an expert in cryptocurrency. He has used his entire career to learn more about cryptocurrency. He tries to always show people how things will get better and how they can make more money with cryptocurrency. As long as Ian King knows what he’s doing, he’s confident he can give people an idea of what they need to do to help themselves with cryptocurrency. Even though Ian King is a self-taught expert, he feels confident he can give others what they’re looking for in the industry. Follow Ian King on Medium.com.

As long as Ian King knows how to help people, he shows them what they need to know. He also tries to teach people the right way to invest. Even when he makes choices to give people positive options with cryptocurrency, he feels good about what he can do. Ian King does not stop helping people just because they’re successful. In fact, Ian King likes people to realize what they can do to on their own. Then, he shows them what they need to do to make even better choices in the future. He is a coach who stands behind his employees all the time no matter what. Visit cryptoprofitsummit.com to know more about Ian King.

For Ian King to make the right choices in cryptocurrency, he had to learn more about it. He took the time to test different options. Through the tests he did, he made sure he was learning what he could. He used every experience to learn more about cryptocurrency. Even when something negative happened to him while he was starting to trade, he used it as a learning experience. There were times where he couldn’t make things better, but he did use them to his advantage by making sure he knew what not to do in the future.

For Ian King, this meant he had to show people how things would get better if they made the same mistakes. He wanted all the people he worked with to realize there were things they would have to deal with, but they wouldn’t be that bad. As long as he could teach people how to fix their mistakes, nothing would be permanent. For Ian King, this was a big part of the industry. No other expert or coach knew how to train people in the way he did. His training and experience have helped hundreds of people learn more about cryptocurrency and how to invest it the right way.

View: https://www.stockgumshoe.com/2018/02/microblog-ian-kings-new-crypto-selection-that-will-be-bigger-than-bitcoin-announced-last-thursday/

How To Travel To Samoa On A Budget

Many people who want to visit Apia, Samoa as a tourist choose to land at the Fagali’I Airport. This is a small airport which is currently used by two Samoa-based airlines, Samoa Air and Polynesian Airlines. They both provide flights to nearby American Samoa from this privately held airport. Polynesian Airlines flies three airplanes, all of which are DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft. This airplane, built by a Canadian company, can fit 19 passengers and is often used by those who offer skydiving to its customers.

Once passengers taxi into Fagali’I Airport they are let off the airplane and walk to the concourse. Once they have gotten through customs they can get to their hotels in one of two ways. For cheaper hotels they will need to take a taxi. Higher end hotels, though, have a shuttle.

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A visit to Apia can very much be done on a limited budget. The flights that use Fagali’I Airport cost around $150, for example. For the budget traveler who want to spend as little as possible on their hotel the cheapest such place in Apia currently is the Tatiana Motel Tanugamanono which charges a mere $30 a night. This hotel is located just over a mile away from Fagali’i Airport as well.

A frugal traveler can still eat out while visiting Apia. Budget places to eat include Amanis Restaurant, Uncle Bills, the Italiano cafe, and the Marketi Fou. A great fish and chips lunch can be had for a little over $3, for example. People can get what’s called the “Samoan Pancake” not far from Fagali’I Airport which costs around 20 cents according to wikipedia.org.

There are a lot of things to do for someone traveling through Fagali’I Airport on a tight budget according to youtube.com. There are locations to explore which cost nothing or are very reasonably priced. Samoa Cultural Village is an example of this and it is just 2.2 miles from Fagali’I Airport. People can learn all about the Polynesian culture here. Piula Cave Pool is another popular place to visit and it is free. It’s a large natural pool which is fed by underwater springs.

Lean more about Fagali’I Airport: https://www.expedia.com/Fagalii-Airport-Hotels.0-aFGI-0.Travel-Guide-Filter-Hotels

NPG VAN’s Steps for Arranging a Rally

NPG VAN helps organizations and progressive campaigns leverage technology to meet and exceed desired goals. NPG is a software platform that is used for compliance reporting, digital engagement, and fundraising. Also, the software has been utilized by almost every Democratic campaign that has run for federal office and thousands upon thousands of down-ballot campaigns. The great news is that you don’t have to be running for office to organize a campaign, you can still arrange your own rally. Below are compelling tips provided by NPG VAN that can help you get started:

1. Rally Should Be Unique to You

Rallies require a significant amount of preparation, time and resources so you must make sure the rally is related to your campaign plan. A rally can accomplish the following:

-Announce the campaign to the community, and possibly turn voters who are undecided into supporters.

– Excite supporters so they’ll want to become volunteers for your campaign.

-Increases recognition by getting the press to cover your campaign.

2. Be Detailed When Planning

The following must be considered to have a successful rally:

Location– Estimate the number of people you expect to attend, then find a location that can accommodate the crowd. If you intend to invite the press, choose a place so it will look full of supporters.

Sound System– Again, consider the size of the crowd when buying or borrowing a sound system because horrible sound can completely ruin your event.

3. Consider Various Marketing Strategies

Utilize social media platforms to inform people of your event. It is a good idea to develop a Facebook event that will require the invitees to RSVP. Print flyers that can be distributed at campaign booths hang flyers on bulletin boards, and volunteers can disseminate flyers to the public. Send a press release to the media a few days before your event. To ensure a vast amount of people are aware of your event press releases should also be sent to radio stations, television stations, and newspapers.

4. Convert Supporters to Grassroots Actions

The volunteers of your event should capture the attendee’s contact information, so they can be phone banked or emailed after your rally. After the rally people are very excited about your campaign and they are eager to get involved, so this can be converted into action for your campaign, and you or your chosen candidate will be well on the way to winning.



Jose Hawilla: Establishing a Sports Marketing Conglomerate

Jose Hawilla became one of the most successful businessmen in Brazil because of his involvement in the sports industry. He founded the Traffic Group, and through his hard work, the company became one of the biggest sports marketing conglomerate in the country. The company today works with other sports marketing firms overseas, and Jose Hawilla is serious in transforming the Traffic Group into a multinational sports marketing firm. He has involved himself in a lot of sporting events since he established the company in 1980. Whenever a major sporting event is held in Brazil, he is making sure that the locals and other people from neighboring countries are being advised about the schedule of the events and where they could buy their tickets. You can visit wikipedia.org

The marketing strategy of Jose Hawilla is so effective that it transformed him to become a leading marketer in the country, earning millions in profits. The Traffic Group is now considered as a major influencer in the field of sports, all thanks to the efforts made by Jose Hawilla. One of the most recent involvements of Jose Hawilla in the field of sports was when the World Cup and the Olympic Games were held in Rio de Janeiro. He had to promote these events so that many people from around the world will come into Brazil, boosting the tourism industry in the country. Jose Hawilla had to coordinate with the council behind the Olympic Games to promote it locally and internationally. Check out globo to see more.

After the successful events held in Brazil, Jose Hawilla’s net worth increased, and he started to lay his focus on foreign sports marketing company and urged them to join his group. Today, He is staying at his headquarters going from city to city to see how the marketing strategy of his company works. The former sports broadcaster also added that he never realized that he would be working directly with the athletes and the sports organizers someday. When he was younger, he only wanted to earn a living and reach his dreams of becoming an athlete. However, he realized that something better was in store for him, and he is very thankful for his business.

Click here: http://www.traffic.com.br/