The Entrepreneur Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is the CEO and the co-founder of ATS Digital Services which is a digital support company established in 2011, that offers support remotely to consumers with technological problems like overall troubleshooting and connectivity issues all over the world. He graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Organizational leadership on a full football scholarship, and he was born in Fort Lauderdale which is in Florida. Robert started his entrepreneurial ventures by co-founding Fanlink, Inc, after brief stints with the NY Jets and the Miami Dolphins for two years. He became iS3 Inc’s vice president at, a company that dealt with personalized digital support, digital security and computer optimization, after 3 years in Fanlink.

It was while they were working in Anti-malware Software Company that he and his partners developed the idea of starting their own company that would offer remote assistance to customers by removing malware from their computers. While in the anti-malware company, they had problems in installing their anti-malware software on the user’s machines and they later realized that the malware products were the ones blocking the installation of their anti-malware product.

They came up with a solution to this problem by allowing one of their technical support agents to connect with the user’s machines remotely and help them remove the malware products. This method was successful, and they were able to install their anti-malware software on the user’s computers. They managed to get their customers trust and keep them happy through this service, and they decided to form their own company offering the same services.

The company has enough experts who will help you in a wide range of services including physical or remote services. They help in phone repairs, activation, setting up smart technology, speaker system installation, laptop or desktop repair, TV mounting and other services, you need to make a call, and they will give you the service you need. Robert’s company was the first company to be determined qualified by AppEsteem.

Robert has been very passionate about technology, but this has not been his only passion. When he is not at work, he competes in offshore fishing tournaments and boat riding. He won the 79th Silver Sailfish Derby due to his commitment to everything he does.

All about Dr. Dov Rand and the Health Aging Medical Center

Dr. Dov Rand is a weight loss expert and a specialist in integrated medicine. He practices bio identical hormone replacement and serves as the president of the Health Aging medical Center located in West Orange NJ. While treating patients with age related medical issues, Dr. Dov manipulates integrative and regenerative tactics. He ensures that his patients go through therapies that regain health they had while young and also prevent diseases.

According to Dr. Dov Rand, nutrition, exercise and hormone levels are the key things to focus on while treating age related disorders. He says that everyone has two types of hormones, the good and the bad hormones ( Dr. Rand says that bad hormones increase in human bloodstream as one grows old. When the bad hormones surpass the good hormones level, that’s when age related disorders begin. Examples of good hormones include thyroid, testosterone, DHEA, and estrogen while a good example of the bad hormones is insulin.

During treatment, Dr. Dov Rand basically works towards restoring the balance between the two types of hormones. Once the balancing is achieved, patients benefit by regaining energy and stamina, and they are also less likely to be susceptible to cancer. There is also a significant drop in their cholesterol levels which largely reduces their chances of having heart disease. Examples of diseases that are age related include mental fogginess, insomnia, night sweats, andropause symptoms, high blood pressure, fatigue, hot flashes, and muscle atrophy among others.

Dr. Dov Rand has developed a comprehensive approach to hormone therapy, physical therapy and dietary supplements. This is basically due to the fact that physical therapies reduce adipose material in the body while dietary supplements are necessary for building muscle tissues. Hormone therapies provide the body with the deficient hormones and by doing so, they boost the healing process.

At Health Aging Medical Center, patients are given educational materials that enable them comprehend the advantages that come with combining physical, hormonal and nutritional therapies. Dr. Dov Rand is affiliated to the Chilton Medical Center located in Pompton plains in New Jersey. He is also certified and licensed to practice his medical career in the same area.


Rodrigo Terpins Follows In The Footsteps Of His Father

While Rodrigo Terpins may be a well known professional rally driver and the owner of multiple business ventures, one of the things that people don’t often realize is the similarities that he shares with his father, Jack Terpins. Both have led their business ventures, and both have a passion for sport. One could say that their interests and doings have built interest for these in each other.



Rodrigo Terpins has always possessed a passion for sports and was encouraged to take on whatever sport he came across as a child. He grew up in a supportive household wherein he was encouraged to work hard towards his dreams. His father had played basketball for Hebraica during the 19060s and came to be known for his skill and passion for the sport. Jack Terpins always believed that the youth should be encouraged to take up sports and develop a healthy lifestyle, which is something that rubbed off on his children, who are both now well-known rally drivers.



Because of the encouragement that he received, Terpins tried his hand at a number of sports since he was a child. He would regularly participate in school and local competitions and events, and would even play for his school and college teams. In college, he decided that he would try to get into a profession that would let him carry on his love for sports, while still giving him a good stable career. Business was something that interested him and seeing his father run his real estate company gave him the confidence to take up the profession. During this time, Terpins started getting more into rally car racing, which was something he later decided to take up professionally. Even though he first started it out as a hobby, Terpins has come a long way since then, making his way to the more significant stages. He is also currently being sponsored by numerous brands for the events that he partakes in.  For more details you can visit




Rodrigo Terpins is also a prominent member of the Jewish community and contributes to a lot of community projects, which is another thing that he shares with his father.


Stansberry Research Believes in Wal-Mart Stock

February, 2018 was a tough month for Wal-Mart shareholders. Wal-Mart’s share value dropped 10% as a result of faltering online sales and its failure to catch up with Amazon. Wal-Mart is one of the original ‘World Dominator’ recommendations made by Stansberry Research’s Dan Ferris in 2006.

From then until 2015, Wal-Mart stocks returned good gains, getting a number of stockholders happily through the economic downturn of 2007-2009 by doubling their investments. Beginning immediately after the turn of the year in 2015, Wal-Mart stocks began their decline, finally reaching a negative 35%.

Dan Farris is once again recommending Wal-Mart stock. After battling with the ecommerce behemoth, Wal-Mart has finally developed the right formula to win. Wal-Mart is adopting the omni-channel approach at retail sales ( They are showing new items online and offering them for sale both online and through a convenient kiosk which allows you to pick up the item in the brick & mortar store.

Now, it seems Amazon is imitating Wal-Mart and creating the same retail experience. Amazon is now opening brick & mortar stores to accentuate its retail experience. Wal-Mart can now match Amazon’s delivery calendar with 99% of households receiving orders within two days. Still, Wal-Mart far outdoes Amazon in store density. There’s a Wal-Mart less than 10 miles from most of the American population.

Wal-Mart owns 5,600 flagship stores and Sam’s Clubs in the U.S. and another 6,250 stores in other countries. This makes Amazon’s 97 million square feet of fulfillment centers seem dwarfed next to Wal-Mart’s store space which adds up to ten times as much. For the first time in its history Wal-Mart revenues were up to $500 billion, which equaled a 2.6% growth. Stansberry Research anticipates Wal-Mart will continue to grow over the next years.

Stansberry Research offers starter level investment advice for those interested in capital appreciation in the newsletter entitled The Capital Portfolio. The Income Portfolio is the newsletter that advises investors about dividend paying stocks, high-yield corporate bonds and hybrid securities all with high income potential. The Total Portfolio is yet another Stansberry Research publication that advises investors about the most important changes garnered from 16 different newsletters offering 40 different positions to conservatively navigate the S&P 500.


Jorge Moll makes Groundbreaking Studies Concerning Human Morale

Jorge Moll has been doing scientific research into areas relating to human chemical reward systems, altruism, and empathy. Moll and his team have been able to determine that altruism triggers reward systems in the brain that make us feel good.

The scientists have been utilizing a combination of both new and old techniques to learn more about this reward system. They are using brain scans and biofeedback systems to further their research in this area. They are helping people increase the emotions of affections and empathy.

Their goal isn’t ending here. They hope to create a new technique to deal with patients with mental illnesses like depression, autism, and individuals who may be psychopaths. The scientists claim their research is the first of its kind, studying complex emotions dealing with empathy in the human brain.

“Other groups have been mapping single brain regions related to emotions,” Moll began. “But to map complex emotions such as empathy, it is important to look at several parts of the brain at the same time.”

Jorge Moll and his team do not merely want to map out these emotions, they intend to teach people how to train their emotions. “We were interested in emotions that drive us to do altruistic acts, to try to correct our mistakes, to try to be better people,” Jorge Moll said to an interviewer with NBC News (

The theory behind this research isn’t completely new, at least not when you take into consideration science fiction. In a novel by Philip Dick and in the famous film “Blade Runner,” similar ideas and devices were utilized. “Prospects of such a device remain in the realm of science fiction,” confessed Jorge Moll. “Recent advances in neuroscience and computer science have opened a window towards this possibility.


About Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll is a neuroscientist from Brazil. He is currently the president-director and a member of the governing board for the D’Or Institute for Research and Education, also known as IDOR. The organization is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Over the years, Moll has focused his efforts in medicine in the area of psychological and neural mechanisms that govern choices and social engagement. Jorge Moll studies how these mechanisms shape the morality of the human race; he studies how he can make people healthier through culture and neurotechnological intervention. Moll received his education from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo University.


A Rising Economic Bubble

The economy after the beginning of the Trump administration has formed into a bubble that many corporations and investors across the United States of America have been able to profit from. This bubble has made it beneficial for more employees of various corporations to open and invest in retirement packages such as 401k, 403b, and IRA accounts. Thos who have opened such accounts are allowed to commit a certain amount of funds from each pay period in order to watch their investments grow and change, with many funds increasing their original amounts significantly. This being said it should be noted that many companies and investment organizations charge fees and taxes to invest in these opportunities, leaving a great deal of potential funds wasted before they are able to grow through investment. In order to try and combat these options and to form a smarter, sleeker way to invest in retirement, Matt Badiali, an expert in the investment field, has recently released his idea of the perfect investment option; the freedom check. Read more about Freedom Checks at

Freedom checks are backed by Statute 26-F which states that as long as providers of this lucrative form of investment meet certain requirements they, and their shareholders, will not be required to pay any taxes on the money paid out through these checks. As long as a company receives a minimum of 90% of their revenue from oil or gasoline sales they can qualify to pay shareholders using these retirement options. Non-taxable investment opportunities need to be taken advantage of; they offer the most gains in a shorter amount of time and shareholders will seeing higher increases due to more funding being moved into their traditional accounts. There have already been over five hundred companies dealing with the oil trade that are making use of these new forms of investment, with many more to join on the horizon.


Matt Badiali has resurrected an old idea from the past; to introduce his freedom checks and to take advantage of legal wording to allow those who use them to see an increase in capital gains. It is not known how well freedom checks will take off, or even if they will, but time will answer this question. Since cryptocurrencies became a legal investment option there has been on the lookout other types of future investment opportunities. Freedom checks may be the next step to take for future retirement choices. Read this article at Money Morning.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Drives Passion Forward

Passion is what keeps people striving towards their goals. The passion to look good and to feel good can be a driving force in a person’s life. If you build a future that is fed by your passion, you will attract success. Dr. Jennifer Walden a prominent plastic surgeon, seems to know and follow this truth. She has created a safe, relaxing, nonjudgmental environment for the patients at her cosmetic surgery practice. This is her passion.

Dr. Jennifer Walden founded MedSpa Walden Cosmetic Surgery and operates in Austin, Texas. She performs surgeries of the nose, breast, face, and genitals. Known nationally for her aptitude, expertise, and advice, she is a board-certified plastic surgeon that excels in the personal attention that she gives to her clients. She knows that it’s important for her patients to feel involved in the decision making process when it comes to plastic surgery.

Technology is transforming aspects of plastic surgery and Dr. Jennifer Walden has incorporated one of the latest advancements into her practice. She offers cutting-edge 3D imaging technology so that patients can see what they could look like post surgery. For non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation, she has available the ThermiVa radio frequency technique and the diVa laser. Additionally, she can use a SmartGraft device to transplant individual hairs and has SculpSure for laser fat reduction.

As a member of the Board of Directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, she frequently appears on television and speaks at national conferences expressing her opinions regarding the current state of the industry. She also serves as the Commissioner of Communications for the board. She earned her MD and served her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Afterward, she obtained a fellowship in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Then she remained in New York City working on the Upper East Side for more than seven years.

Graham Edwards and Telereal Trillium successfully conceptualize sowing and reaping

Graham Edwards is a genius who is currently an effective CEO of the Telereal Trillium which is the United Kingdom’s largest privately owned property company (

Graham Edwards is very well-rounded because he has demonstrated that he is very insightful. His approach to business affects more than one layer of thought. With his guidance Telereal Trillium works on different layers to complete a successful whole.

Graham Edwards has proved that he thinks about the financial well being of the company. He has worked with the company as they have thought about and taken measures regarding the environment and pollution.

Graham Edwards has also strategically empowered employees through implementing charitable donations. In many ways he is ahead of his time. He has helped the company grow as they progressed into their merger in 2009. History proves that sometimes a merger can make or break a company so having the right person to oversee operations and filling in the gaps and functioning in a strategic role is critically important. Graham Edwards has done this not just financially but also in philosophy.

The philosophy of giving back to those in need has helped Telereal Trillium’s growth.

Graham Edwards has the Telereal Trillium employees sold on the idea of charitable giving. Telereal Trillium has a charitable program that encourages their employees to participate in at least one day a year of volunteerism that will support their local communities.

More companies would benefit if they would simply adopt Graham Edward’s philosophical concept. It is ingenious and effective because it supports a very basic principle of sowing and reaping.

These companies could potentially benefit from positive media exposure and making an impact in the world that we inhabit. This idea and concept is a great idea to flesh out on a local level too. A person is more than likely to give to a cause when they can see the results of what they’re doing as it impacts their local surroundings.

Implementing a charitable company matching program such as the one exercised by Graham Edwards maybe an excellent way to retain quality employees that live in bad neighborhoods. They may see the impact of what their dollars and contributions are changing. They may even reconsider the choice to choose a higher-paying employer if they have a sense of pride and accomplishment in their local neighborhoods which many of them may have grown up in and is essentially the world that they live in.


Writer, CEO, Inspiration Glen Wakeman

If you are looking for somebody that is an inspiring person, a motivator, as well as an experienced business venture then that person is Glen Wakeman. Glen has founded numerous business but his most prominent one is Launchpad Holdings which has the capability of focusing on different people that are striving to be entrepreneurs and look to develop their business by means of organizing the ideas which we all know is the main structure of any business. Glen targets the foundation of a entrepreneurs business by targeting the core plans that can truly influence the decisions made by the CEO of that new business. These tactics drive change, culture, and sustainability within these businesses which then helps the community and thus not only creates profit but bolsters morale as well.

Glen is a proven business man with degrees in economics and Finance from the University of Scranton. The credentials provide a stable foundation of knowledge that Glen pulls from when making crucial business decisions. Experience and ingenuity provide Glen Wakeman a very wide range of ideas that help inspire his businesses and also his foundation helps keep him on track.

Whenever a business is starting numerous entrepreneurs know that it will most likely not be profitable and thus sometimes give up from the start. This is because entrepreneurs usually have a ton of ideas and drive but not the capital to back it up with potential to tap into the market that they are striving for. Glen knows that making an actual profit takes time and he gives advice on this specific topic as well in that he mentors while delivering key experience. Glen advises other entrepreneurs to seek profit on a gradual level while sustaining good marketing and an excellent relationship with the customer base. These factors will help drive success and limit the amount of failures and low points that a business will definitely see when it starts to tap into any given market. Glen says that the toughest part of the business world is the start, so the key is to stay driven and goal focused so that you are able to keep a steady flow of inspiration.


A New Way of Doing Business With GoBuyside Recruitment and Business Inquiry Services

Hiring and talent recruitment have undergone significant changes since the internet became accessible, as jobs have also changed due to the increased access to information. GoBuyside is a recruitment company that employs technology to search and assesses job trends in the finance sector. In 2015, 24% of employees in the finance sector performed a par or all their work at home on the internet, reported the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The implication is a less consideration of employees’ location by employers increasing their hiring search. GoBuyside says that this broadens the selection bias during recruitment a fact that will see high-quality employees selected to suit various companies’ needs. Read this article at Accesswire.

By leveraging on location flexibility, GoBuyside uses aggregating programs and software to come up with a nationwide pool of employees selecting the best for hire. The software searches for applicants details from internet sources such as LinkedIn to assess if they fit the job description of their firms. The financial market has adopted a trend where part-time and project-specific roles are common. GoBuyside has a system for tracking applicants and uses artificial intelligence and online job boards to help firms identify and fill these short-term employment needs.

GoBuyside’s recruitment process has attracted their services to Fortune 500 companies, private equity firms, investment managers, and hedge funds. Applicants also benefit with their recruitment platform that is well connected with numerous firms across the world. GoBuyside has in-depth information and statistics about hiring companies giving applicants ample time to decide and assess their suitability for the current and future plans of the firm. The platform has connection features, updates, confidential jobs and reviews making it easy for applicants and recruitment firms to work efficiently.

GoBuyside’s project consulting is one of the most effective talents in such a case. Due to various compliance needs, projects can be under pressure especially lack qualified personnel, but GoBuyside has a global talent network that is conversant with as-needed hiring mode. Contacting them ensures that you save time and resources and your project is actualized and completed by the best there is.


They have worked since 2011 with start-ups in the finance market, and the process has gained substantial experience that can be relied on. They have done market analysis and research for most ideas, and there is no need to invest and tire yourself with the same while they can offer the same timely and adequately. Their experts know who to tackle price localization, trade barriers and sizing up competition giving you a great head start with your business idea saving you time.

With the right talent, businesses pick up quickly, and GoBuyside helps you do just that by outsourcing candidates with specialized knowledge for each business stage. This allows entrepreneurs to develop business strengths while minimizing possible weaknesses. Moreover, to increase profits and spur more growth, the company comes up with marketing collateral, new ways to enter a potential market, and other operational and marketing strategies. Even if it includes raising capital which can be hard for businesses, GoBuyside has a dedicated team of individuals specializing in fundraising presentations and strategic growth plans. Read this article at Nasdaq.