The success of OSI Food Solutions under Sheldon Lavin

OSI Food Solutions which is based in Toledo Spain has been successful over the years. They added a new line to their business which increased the capacity to produce chicken. The expansion means the company can now produce 45,000 tons of beef, chicken and pork per year. With dedicated leaders and workers, the company continues to achieve a lot. Here are some of its successes.


The company has workers who are dedicated to ensuring the company is sustainable. They are always encouraged to make sure they are working in an environment that is safe and productive. The company bought new equipment which enables it to reduce energy consumption. The machine has units that ensure heat recovery hence less consumption of energy. The step is to make sure the company uses energy efficiently.


The company’s CEO who also serves as the chairman of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has received several awards from recognized institutions for being outstanding. He was honored as the global visionary, which is an award given to people who have visions and make them come true. He got the award from Vision World Academy after showing perseverance in business and accomplishing many goals for OSI Food Solutions which has been operating for years.  The dedicated CEO Sheldon Lavin also won another award called the Edward C. Jones. The award from the North America Meat recognized him for showing commitment to helping people in the community. He got the award in 2016 because they saw he was active in participating in charitable work. He has been working with various charitable institutions to ensure they help those who need help in the society.

The OSI group company has won many awards since they got a dedicated CEO, Sheldon Lavin. The company recently got International Safety Award awarded by the British Safety Council. The award recognized the company for being committed to safety management in places of work and good health. It is not the first time the OSI group received this award. It has received the award in several occasions for being outstanding in those areas. The organization was recognized for a demonstration of proper management of the environment. The OSI Group was also recognized with the Sword of Honor by the BSC. The award is given to organizations that demonstrate good health and safety management when it comes to risky work.

The company has also received other several awards from Europe in the past years. It continues to excel in different areas because of proper management from able leaders like Sheldon Lavin and the dedicated workers who want to ensure the company excels.

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