Dr. Andrew J. Manganaro: Life Line Screening’s Top Notch Innovator

Dr. Andrew J. Manganaro, MD, FACC, FACS, was recently interviewed by CEOCFO Magazine and IdeaMensch. CEOCFO Magazine and Dr. Manganaro’s discussion centered on growth and developments, and IdeaMensch and Dr. Manganaro’s discussion centered around the idea of Life Line Screening and important lessons. He responded the following ways with CEOCFO Magazine: He told them about Life Line Screening, his role as the national medical director and CMO, and that doctors and patients are now embracing preventative screenings. They also discussed how Life Line Screening goes beyond the annual checking by utilizing a risk algorithm that takes the patients’ suitability for screening into account. Additionally, there were other similar interview topics, such as how Life Line Screening is growing, evolving, and so on.

When Dr. Manganaro talked to IdeaMensch, he responded in the following ways with them: He mentioned how he wouldn’t change how he did things in the past, he didn’t have a bad job, and he assesses and re-assesses failures in order to learn from them. Other things relating to life lessons and advice from Dr. Manganaro included being persistent and working hard, the book recommendation of Tennyson’s “Idylls of the King“, and more.

Before the interview questions, IdeaMensch gave a synopsis of Dr. Manganaro’s life. For one, he is from Brooklyn, New York, and he earned his bachelors degree in biology and philosophy. During these studies, he graduated as Phi Beta Kappa and cum laude. He also earned his MD from the New York University School of Medicine. He was elected as an Alpha Omega Alpha, and he was a Henry Viets Fellow and an university scholar. Dr. Manganaro completed his residency and chief residency in general surgery at the New York University/Bellevue Hospital Medical Center. Afterwards, he was a research fellow in cardiovascular physiology for two years at the UCLA School of Medicine. He also completed his residency and chief residency at the University of Rochester in cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, and then he earned his certification in Thoracic Surgery. Since then he has been in the cardiac, thoracic, and vascular surgery for 35 years in private practice until he earned his current position as the Chief Medical Officer of Life Line Screening.

About Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is an organization specializing in preventive health screening that provides different types of testing for health issues’ identification before the health issues become serious. As a result, more than eight million people have been screened since its inception in 1996. And furthermore, nine out of 10 cardiovascular physicians support preventative health screening for at-risk patients. With Life Line Screening, each screening is reviewed by a board-certified physician, except for the assessment of disease risk. Detailed results’ reports will be given within 21 days of the patient’s appointment via mail or online e-Results.

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Jim Tananbaum on the Growth of the Healthcare Economy

Jim Tananbaum is the Chief Executive Officer, Founder, and managing director at Foresite Capital Management, L.L.C., which he founded the company in 2010. Jim Tananbaum got a BS and BSCE from Yale University in Applied Math and Computer Science, an MS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an MD & MBA from Harvard University. He is a member of Yale’s University Council and the advisory committee of the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

According to his interview with Wired, Jim Tananbaum reveals that he has been so passionate about bringing together hard sciences and computer science with health care since he was in high school. He has had very long productive relationships with different people who share the same interests as him. He believes that people are beginning to enter a period of great change and growth by developing insights into deep learning and science.

Foresite Capital is a private equity healthcare firm specializing in identifying emerging healthcare leaders. The company grows to profitability by supplying capital, networks, and information to the agencies. Jim founded Foresite Capital with the vision of marrying elements of all aspects of his career to create a novel investment platform. He has also been the mastermind of the organization’s investment strategy and has played roles in major healthcare investments including the diabetic treatment unicorn, intarsia therapeutics, and Juno therapeutic, which went public in December 2014 as that year’s largest biotech IPO. The investments made Jim Tananbaum remain the first on the Midas list for three straight years. He also invested in Puma Biotechnology and a food allergy immunotherapy treatment in which he and his firm led a series B round of $ 80million in the year 2015.

Jim Tananbaum has investments in 21 successful companies which led to the production of several multi-billion and hundred multimillion dollar outcomes. He is an industry leader with 25 years of healthcare experience. He focuses on strategic, operational and financial opportunities to build the healthcare franchise. During the 25 years, Jim Tananbaum has founded and helped grow healthcare franchises in all segments of the healthcare economy.

The Kabbalah Center: Paying it Forward

Until relatively recently Kabbalah was only taught to men who were over 40. They were chosen because of their vast knowledge of Judaism. The Kabbalah Center strives to teach Kabbalah to as many practitioners as possible. Philip and Karen Berg are the directors of the Kabbalah Center.

Kabbalah teaches the importance of living every moment with purpose. They also stress the importance of connecting with others and the universe in all that you do. There is great importance placed in the afterlife At the Kabbalah Center they also teach that living every moment with purpose is important as well. Kabbalists believe that a purpose driven life should reach every corner of a human’s existence. Everything from what you wear to how you put it on has great importance to Kabbalists.

There is a wealth of information at the Kabbalah Center and on their website to help you lead this purpose driven life. Instead of focusing on learning about God, Kabbalists practice living alongside of God by communicating in new ways. Kabbalah is a spiritual practice more than a religious one. It is unique in that it is an extension of Judaism.

The Kabbalah Center started in 1984. Philip Berg and his wife Karen opened the center so they could work internationally as well as across other cultures and religions. The Kabbalah Center reaches around the globe.

The Kabbalah Center teaches the importance of volunteering in your own community, they also reach out globally in times of need. They have helped with both humanitarian and financial aid. They have reached out to places hit by disaster like Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti.

To know more visit Preaching to the converted: how Kabbalah keeps on growing

Things can Never be Better Without USHEALTH Group

Being healthy is a right that no one in the world has the right to deny you. Many a time we get sick but lack the finances to cover medical bills. The most affected people are those that are self-employed and those that own small businesses. Without an adequate health insurance plan, they become susceptible to financial constraints brought about by an unexpected illness. In cognizance of the above, USHEALTH Group is an organization created to offer a lasting solution to individuals in small businesses and those that are self-employed. Families are also well represented by the firm since quality health care so happens to be among one of the key Millennium development goals.

USHEALTH Group is a company by the people, to the people, and for the people. The institution acknowledges society’s financial hierarchy, and thus tailor makes its plans to suit your particular needs. At USHEALTH Group, there is always something for everyone. Quality delivery with USHEALTH Group is of the utmost importance. Since the company has a wide area to cover, it has employed more than five hundred qualified personnel who double as insurance sales agents. All of the employees at USHEALTH are certified thus making them ideal advisers when it comes to matters regarding insurance plans. USHEALTH Group on Facebook.

At USHEALTH Group, you get the opportunity to choose one among three clear covers. They include premium, saver plus, and saver programs. Each plan possesses distinct packages thus making the arrangements easy to accommodate the expectations of different clients. By using insurance covers from USHEALTH Group, you are assured of protection from accidents, injuries, and diseases just to mention but a few. Other products that you get at premium include secure dental, MedGuard, premier vision, essential health benefit, PPO networks, premier choice, and income protector. Click here to know more.

During special occasions, USHEALTH Group furnishes its members with discounts on particular packages. Members also get price subsidies on health and wellness, coverage and benefits, and pharmacy and RX services. USHEALTH Group’s customer care service is one of a kind. Customer care agents are adequately trained to attend to your needs thus giving you an experience of a lifetime. Therefore, US HEALTH Group has evolved to offer you with the best levels of services. We are flexible enough to accommodate your requests since at the end of the day we are here to serve you. With us, you find not only a home but also a friend you ca trust. You can always find us in our regional headquarters, or give us a call whenever possible. For further assistance, you may also send us an email to which we will respond to promptly. Feel free to join us at your convenience. We as USHEALTH Group can never be the same again without you.


Doing What is Necessary for The Desired Change

When it comes to human rights, the desire is for everyone to have the same amount of human rights. However, this is not likely to happen with all of the different types of rulers and different types of countries. For one thing, there are a lot of tyrants on power trips that are looking to run their country in the way they want. In many cases, there is no reasoning with them. Instead, there are other forms of actions that need to be taken in order to bring human rights to the people that are being denied those rights.

Fortunately, there are people that are willing to study the problem and find out what is needed in order to bring an effective solution to the citizens of tyrannical countries. Among these people is Thor Halvorssen, a prominent figure in the fight for human rights. He is in fact very passionate about fighting for the rights of others that he is willing to do more than talk. He is willing to get in on the action himself so that he can figure out a good solution to the issue. Thor passion for human rights keeps him up for long hours. He is not some average good boy. He is someone who has a heart for the suffering and a will to make things right. Therefore, he is willing to work long hours without tiring.

Thor does not coddle the enemies. For instance, when it comes to the supposed North Korea hack on the United States, Thor Halvorssen has made a statement saying to hack them back. Thor is not one person that will turn the other cheek out of being passive. He is more about observing the offender and finding a way to attack so that they can eradicate the offender and solve the problem once and for all.

http://www.weeklystandard.com/troublemaker-for-tyrants/article/899824 for more .

Omar Yunes the Leading Mexican Franchisee

Omar Yunes is a Mexican investor representing Sushi Itto. He is a great franchisee and has won several awards in the Best Franchisee of the Word competitions, which are held annually. Omar Yunes has an interest in the food business, and he runs over 13 franchises situated in Veracruz, Puebla, and Mexico City. Omar Yunes has been able to market his products aggressively and has significant control of the food industry.
Omar Yunes’ brand has created over 400 jobs for workers who work in the 13 units. To succeed and scoop major awards, Omar motivates his employees by remunerating them well towards the realisation of the company goal. Through Omar’s leadership, his brand has been able to develop a strong business network, develop a working strategy and structure as well as an effective board to implement the business strategies.
Omar Yunes primary goal is to provide excellent services to clients and become the leading hospitality brand in the world. His brand has stood out, and it is competing with leading brands in the world. Initially, the brand was only recognized regionally, but through Omar’s leadership, the brand has become a force to reckon with in the international markets.
Omar has represented Mexico in the world competitions that reward franchises. Omar is a team leader, innovator, and a motivator. He can develop a solution to any challenge in the market, a secret why his brand has grown this big. He approaches all challenges in the food industry in a positive way; he can comfortably explain different business concepts to his employees to ensure that they work in harmony toward the realization of the brand’s goal. Omar Yunes believes that the most valuable asset of his brand is his employees. To grow the brand, Omar has allowed his employees to be part of it by giving them an opportunity to bring on board any ideas that can lead to the growth of the brand. Omar appreciates the efforts of his employees and criticizes them positively when they are wrong.

Sipping With Travel Vineyard

Travel Vineyard is a company that provides a home experience of wine tasting as they educate the eminence of wine as you also get to shop, if interested.

Working with Travel Vineyard is a great way for moms who prefer to spend more quality time with their kids or even individuals who are just seeking work from home jobs in general. Along with Traveling Vineyard’s great opportunity of working from home, they offer great benefits, in which they call the five F’s. The five F’s include flexibility, financial reward, fun, fulfillment, and friendship.

With flexibility, you’re able to set your own schedule and decide when you are able to hold an event based on what you can handle. The greatest part to this flexible job is that you get to approve your own vacation time, how awesome is that! Traveling Vineyard gives you a way to earn additional income on top of the income you are already making or even something you are looking to replace your career with.

Traveling Vineyard is a great start to new beginnings of fulfilling those areas as you get to enjoy talking about wine. If you ask me, that is quite simple and such a headache reliever of knowing how much fun you can have during the process! Along with having fun as you discuss about wine, you get to meet new and interesting people, plus gain interesting information. It’s basically hanging out and mingling as you are making money all at the same time, now that is something you cannot refuse!

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Thor Halvorssen- Venezuelan Human Rights Activist

Thor Halvorssen, aged 39, serves as the President of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) which is based in New York. HRF is an organization that is devoted to freedom and global human rights.

Thor Halvorssen’s Family Shooting and Imprisonment

Thor Halvorssen’s father exposed corruption in the government when he was working as a drug czar for Venezuela. As a result, he experienced torture while at Caracas prison. On the other hand, during a demonstration against Hugo Chavez, Thor’s mother was shot in the process. Leopoldo López, Mr Halvorssen’s first cousin, is also a prisoner because of politically challenging the Chavista regime.

Thor Halvorssen’s Arrest

Václav Havel served as the Chairman of HRF until 2011 when he passed away. Thor replaced Havel with Garry Kasparov, a political activist and Russian grandmaster at chess. In 2012, Kasparov was arrested and beaten up by Russian police for protesting against the guilty verdict of Pussy Riot, a punk band based in Moscow.

In 2010, Thor traveled to a City known as Ho Chi Minh with the company of cameraman to interview Thich Quang Do, the Unified Buddhist Church patriarch of Vietnam. Thich Quang Do had been under house arrest for 28 years, and his church was banned. Thor sneaked into the monastery to tape the interview. However, on his way out, he was caught by Vietnamese authorities who arrested him and he was detained. He had to convince the police that he was a Buddhist while the cameraman used a side door to sneak out and hid the video card in his rectum.

About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen has been at the forefront advocating for human rights. He is a film producer in Venezuela. According to the New York Times, Halvorssen’s profile was described as maverick in August 2007. He also writes about issues of human rights.

In 2013, Buzzfeed published Halvorssen’s profile as one who has a strong desire to correct injustices in the world regardless of whether they are being committed by the right or left wing regimes.

Know more about him: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/thor-halvorssen#/entity

Securus Technologies is a Leader

I know of a number of companies which provide safety solutions by using technology to various State authorities. Still, I could not help notice that Securus Technologies was always the name that was on top of mind for all. I was keen to know the reason behind this.


Securus Technologies is a company that believes in innovation. This is because they know that criminal minds are also evolving. Even they are making use of technology like never before. Hence the company has to be a step ahead in order to make their products as well as services relevant.


Basically, the clients of Securus Technologies are primarily prison and jail officials. There are hundreds of thousands of letters and even emails being received by them on a constant basis. In these, their clients are telling them how they have been using these products to solve cases. This has helped to reduce infighting among the inmates also. This has made the jail a much safer place. All these products have helped to keep the inmates safe, their families safe as well as the parolees safe too, making the community safer for all.


I have seen accolades coming in for Securus Technologies all the time from their clients. The jail officials record conversations between inmates. This tells them about money coming in, or even drugs or a gun. There are conversations that talk about inmates who consume alcohol or even doing drugs inside the correctional facility. This information reaches the prison officials who can take action and prevent these things before they occur.


A number of corrupt officials have been arrested in this manner. This is because jail officials are using the covert feature that has been provided by Securus Technologies. This way they come to know the details about contraband arrival, like the date, place, and time and so on.


Lori Senecal’s Strategy To Achieving Success In Business

Lori Senecal is among the few women who have risen against the odds to take leadership in male dominated industries. She is a veteran in matters business, as she is highly skilled in advertising and marketing. Lori possesses a unique ability of establishing innovative advertising techniques with a special focus on technology solutions. She is advancing this invaluable experience at CP+B where she serves as the Global CEO.

Senecal developed an interest in business while serving as a coach in high school. Her coaching skills inspired her to become a transformative leader, thus ending up in the advertising business. She achieves success by focusing on perseverance and performance. Her relentless nature and ability to deliver results has helped her to woo many clients who have much trust in her services. She looks forward to advancing her skills with the growing technology in advertising and marketing.

About Lori Senecal

In an article on Adweek, Lori Senecal oversees the global growth and development besides enhancing coordination of all international operations of the CP+B. Her presence in the company has had a tremendous impact on its productivity and profitability margins. To this end, she has transformed the entity to a truly modern, agile, inventive and collaborative global agency. This achievement earned both her and the company recognition from Ad Age. CP+B was named as one of the Creativity Innovators of the Year while Lori was listed among the four Agency Executives to Watch in 2016. Lori is also a recipient of the 2013 Quantum Leap award for leadership and innovation, which was presented to her at the AWNY Game Changer Awards. In 2014, Ad Age listed her among the “Women to Watch.”

Previously, Lori Senecal worked as the president and chief executive officer of the MDC Partner Network. She focused on driving the strategic vision, advancing the agency’s unique model and collaborating with MDC Partner agencies to promote growth and cross-collaboration across the network. She was also the chairperson and CEO of KBS+, where she guided the company to expand its services and client base around the globe. Notably, Crain named KBS+ as one of the Best Places to Work in NYC. Under her leadership, the company appeared on Ad Age’s list of Standout Agencies three times. Formerly, Lori served as the president of McCann Erickson’s flagship office in New York, and the Global chief innovation officer for McCann Worldgroup. Lori holds a bachelor of commerce, marketing & finance degree from the renowned McGill University.

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