White Shark Media: Specialists in PPC Management Services

White Shark Media is an internet business specializing specifically in PPC Management Services. Founded in the year 2010, they offer very reasonable, mid-level prices compared to other online companies in the same field to their customers. In just a few short years since the company has been founded, they have managed to gather a revenue of around three to five million dollars.

Some major clients that work with White Shark Media Review team are the following: Painters Canada, A Star Mover’s Texas, Platinum Pro, and iMarine Inc.

There are approximately 144-150 full time employees that work for the online company; some of the key media workers being: Tony Soares, the director and SEO of web work, Gary Garth, the chief executive officer, and Andrew Lolk, who is also a chief executive officer who works alongside Gary Garth.


At White Shark Media, the online company specializes mainly in search engine optimization, which is initially their core service. This includes a variety of specific services in the field such as local SEO management and on-site SEO services for websites, as well as both local SEO evaluations and different analysis of key SEO ranking factors. Learn more about White Shark Media Review: http://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/en-us/training-accreditation-find-a-pro-directory?companyid=4313

Another core service which brings in a fair amount of clientele is all different varieties of web development services.

White Shark Media offers services such as ongoing security and maintenance services, otherwise considered webmaster services. Local business worldwide come to the company for services in different types of original logo designs, whether it be hand drawn logos or logos created by one of the graphic designers at the company.

Several different case studies that have been done on White Shark Media have successful reviews. The most recent claims “Experts in Florida succeed in Google AdWords with White Shark Media’s PPC Management Services.”

Just to put this into new perspective, it usually takes a brand new dental office over 10 years to break $1 million in sales.” That is very impressive for the company White Shark Media.