Graham Edwards and Telereal Trillium successfully conceptualize sowing and reaping

Graham Edwards is a genius who is currently an effective CEO of the Telereal Trillium which is the United Kingdom’s largest privately owned property company (

Graham Edwards is very well-rounded because he has demonstrated that he is very insightful. His approach to business affects more than one layer of thought. With his guidance Telereal Trillium works on different layers to complete a successful whole.

Graham Edwards has proved that he thinks about the financial well being of the company. He has worked with the company as they have thought about and taken measures regarding the environment and pollution.

Graham Edwards has also strategically empowered employees through implementing charitable donations. In many ways he is ahead of his time. He has helped the company grow as they progressed into their merger in 2009. History proves that sometimes a merger can make or break a company so having the right person to oversee operations and filling in the gaps and functioning in a strategic role is critically important. Graham Edwards has done this not just financially but also in philosophy.

The philosophy of giving back to those in need has helped Telereal Trillium’s growth.

Graham Edwards has the Telereal Trillium employees sold on the idea of charitable giving. Telereal Trillium has a charitable program that encourages their employees to participate in at least one day a year of volunteerism that will support their local communities.

More companies would benefit if they would simply adopt Graham Edward’s philosophical concept. It is ingenious and effective because it supports a very basic principle of sowing and reaping.

These companies could potentially benefit from positive media exposure and making an impact in the world that we inhabit. This idea and concept is a great idea to flesh out on a local level too. A person is more than likely to give to a cause when they can see the results of what they’re doing as it impacts their local surroundings.

Implementing a charitable company matching program such as the one exercised by Graham Edwards maybe an excellent way to retain quality employees that live in bad neighborhoods. They may see the impact of what their dollars and contributions are changing. They may even reconsider the choice to choose a higher-paying employer if they have a sense of pride and accomplishment in their local neighborhoods which many of them may have grown up in and is essentially the world that they live in.