Securus Technologies Has a Future in Prison Communication

Securus Technologies is leading the future of inmate communications by offering inmates an affordable way to access electronic devices. One of the biggest problems that prisons face is security. By utilizing secure connections Securus Technologies offers inmates a great way to access certain resources. Inmates have a lot of difficulty finding reliable educational material in prison. Through programs offered by the company inmates can find affordable books, songs and other various educational resources. Inmates can also find reliable legal resources to help them through their incarceration.


People often tend to think that prisoners cannot be rehabilitated. Securus Technologies helps prisoners by giving them communication opportunities as well as educational resources in order to speed up their rehabilitation. Learning how to change and return to society is extremely important to the prison system. Not only does it benefit society, it also benefits the prisoners if they learn how to behave more appropriately. Letting prisoners rot is not the solution to the criminal problems of society. Not only does Securus Technologies solve these problems, it also does so in a safe and effective method. Some would say that prisoners should not receive this aid because they are to be punished. To truly change their ways they need opportunities to better themselves.


Securus Helped My Buddy Stop A Murder

There is this really cool story that my prison guard friend told me about. Apparently, there is a telecommunications company called Securus. This company provides all the internet and telephone services at the facility a lot like Cox Communications might do at your house. But here is where it gets crazy.


Securus Technologies records all the telephone calls made at the prison. They record every single one of them and put them all into a digital database. And this is a huge task because there are over a million prisoners using this telephone service. I couldn’t imagine the terabytes of information that this company is collecting.


My buddy told me that Securus has invested over $600 million into new technologies to help prison guards and other law enforcement officers do their jobs. My buddy actually got to use one of the software innovations and it helped him stop a murder.


I guess they were narrowing in on some code language and they found out the phrase these prisoners were using for murder. So they went to this software and typed in the phrase. All phone calls that involved that particular phrase were flagged and my buddy listened to them all. He got to listen to a murder plot as it unfolded.


They stormed the prison and detained the guys involved. They put them all in solitary confinement and it saved a guy’s life. My buddy even said they planned to use the technology to catch people outside of the prison, too.


I guess criminals are pretty dumb. They call into the prison and discuss criminal activities with the inmates using a coded language. This software helps law enforcement decode the language really quickly. It’s really going to go a long way in stopping more crime on the inside and the outside of his prison.

Securus Technologies is a Leader

I know of a number of companies which provide safety solutions by using technology to various State authorities. Still, I could not help notice that Securus Technologies was always the name that was on top of mind for all. I was keen to know the reason behind this.


Securus Technologies is a company that believes in innovation. This is because they know that criminal minds are also evolving. Even they are making use of technology like never before. Hence the company has to be a step ahead in order to make their products as well as services relevant.


Basically, the clients of Securus Technologies are primarily prison and jail officials. There are hundreds of thousands of letters and even emails being received by them on a constant basis. In these, their clients are telling them how they have been using these products to solve cases. This has helped to reduce infighting among the inmates also. This has made the jail a much safer place. All these products have helped to keep the inmates safe, their families safe as well as the parolees safe too, making the community safer for all.


I have seen accolades coming in for Securus Technologies all the time from their clients. The jail officials record conversations between inmates. This tells them about money coming in, or even drugs or a gun. There are conversations that talk about inmates who consume alcohol or even doing drugs inside the correctional facility. This information reaches the prison officials who can take action and prevent these things before they occur.


A number of corrupt officials have been arrested in this manner. This is because jail officials are using the covert feature that has been provided by Securus Technologies. This way they come to know the details about contraband arrival, like the date, place, and time and so on.


Into The Future – Securus Technologies

When Securus Technologies decides that it wants to show its customers and the public what it is working on, it does something other companies in the field don’t do. They invited them to their Dallas, TX complex to see firsthand the latest technologies that they are working on, and why they are so important. This is to show them that they care about their customers and the public.


One of the most recent inventions that the company put out is the Video Visitations. With the Video Visitations, the company’s customers, the correction facilities can use this to allow the inmates to touch base with their loved ones. When this happens, it creates a much better atmosphere. The customers are finding great success with the technology, and they are thanking the company for creating it.


Securus Technologies is planning to create many more technologies that will help in solving and preventing crimes. They are going to create them at the rate of every week. Since they deal with the government all the time with their correction facilities, they know that they can find even more ways to create a safer environment for everyone. In the future, this company will be in the news on a regular basis, and people will want to keep an eye on what they are creating to keep the world safe. They are willing and able to continue to bring more technology that will allow all people to be comfortable.



Securus Technologies Promote Remote Video Visitation in Correctional Facilities

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies is an inmate service company serving over 3,450 public safety, correctional, and law enforcement agencies across the U.S. Securus is dedicated to offering world-class service to these inmates through emergency response, public information, investigation, communication, biometric analysis, among other services.

Securus Announces New Campaign to Promote the benefits of Video Visitation

Securus’ Remote Video Visitation service has been highlighted in a chain of commercials indicating the value of video visitation. The firm connects over 160,000 visits every month in cases where consumers have chosen to visit and chat with their loved ones over the comfort of their computers or mobile phones. “This technology is quickly replacing the old and outdated process of physically driving to jail,” said Rick Smith, the chairman and CEO of Securus.

The company has offered a safe platform where parents have enjoyed festivities with their children and even helped out with homework. Such meetings establish lasting impressions and demonstrate how critical the Securus remote video visitation is to the communities. Securus does not aim to change the ordinary face to face visits but to provide an alternative platform that enables families to visit more from the comfort of their homes.


The Better Business Bureau accredits Securus

Securus Technologies recently announced that it had received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating. Danny de Hoyos, the senior vice president of the firm stated that the company has worked hard in collaboration with BBB in Texas and the results can speak for themselves. These requirements include: build trust, advertise honestly, telling the truth, being transparent, honoring promises, being responsive, embodying integrity, and safeguarding privacy.