The Entrepreneur Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is the CEO and the co-founder of ATS Digital Services which is a digital support company established in 2011, that offers support remotely to consumers with technological problems like overall troubleshooting and connectivity issues all over the world. He graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Organizational leadership on a full football scholarship, and he was born in Fort Lauderdale which is in Florida. Robert started his entrepreneurial ventures by co-founding Fanlink, Inc, after brief stints with the NY Jets and the Miami Dolphins for two years. He became iS3 Inc’s vice president at, a company that dealt with personalized digital support, digital security and computer optimization, after 3 years in Fanlink.

It was while they were working in Anti-malware Software Company that he and his partners developed the idea of starting their own company that would offer remote assistance to customers by removing malware from their computers. While in the anti-malware company, they had problems in installing their anti-malware software on the user’s machines and they later realized that the malware products were the ones blocking the installation of their anti-malware product.

They came up with a solution to this problem by allowing one of their technical support agents to connect with the user’s machines remotely and help them remove the malware products. This method was successful, and they were able to install their anti-malware software on the user’s computers. They managed to get their customers trust and keep them happy through this service, and they decided to form their own company offering the same services.

The company has enough experts who will help you in a wide range of services including physical or remote services. They help in phone repairs, activation, setting up smart technology, speaker system installation, laptop or desktop repair, TV mounting and other services, you need to make a call, and they will give you the service you need. Robert’s company was the first company to be determined qualified by AppEsteem.

Robert has been very passionate about technology, but this has not been his only passion. When he is not at work, he competes in offshore fishing tournaments and boat riding. He won the 79th Silver Sailfish Derby due to his commitment to everything he does.

Jose Hawilla: Establishing a Sports Marketing Conglomerate

Jose Hawilla became one of the most successful businessmen in Brazil because of his involvement in the sports industry. He founded the Traffic Group, and through his hard work, the company became one of the biggest sports marketing conglomerate in the country. The company today works with other sports marketing firms overseas, and Jose Hawilla is serious in transforming the Traffic Group into a multinational sports marketing firm. He has involved himself in a lot of sporting events since he established the company in 1980. Whenever a major sporting event is held in Brazil, he is making sure that the locals and other people from neighboring countries are being advised about the schedule of the events and where they could buy their tickets. You can visit

The marketing strategy of Jose Hawilla is so effective that it transformed him to become a leading marketer in the country, earning millions in profits. The Traffic Group is now considered as a major influencer in the field of sports, all thanks to the efforts made by Jose Hawilla. One of the most recent involvements of Jose Hawilla in the field of sports was when the World Cup and the Olympic Games were held in Rio de Janeiro. He had to promote these events so that many people from around the world will come into Brazil, boosting the tourism industry in the country. Jose Hawilla had to coordinate with the council behind the Olympic Games to promote it locally and internationally. Check out globo to see more.

After the successful events held in Brazil, Jose Hawilla’s net worth increased, and he started to lay his focus on foreign sports marketing company and urged them to join his group. Today, He is staying at his headquarters going from city to city to see how the marketing strategy of his company works. The former sports broadcaster also added that he never realized that he would be working directly with the athletes and the sports organizers someday. When he was younger, he only wanted to earn a living and reach his dreams of becoming an athlete. However, he realized that something better was in store for him, and he is very thankful for his business.

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Omar Boraie Revives a Dead City

It seems that the common people in America are becoming more hateful toward the richest people in our country. We have labeled the 1% as greedy bigots who are only trying to get more money for themselves. This is certainly true for some of the 1%, but it is not true for the man who saved New Brunswick, New Jersey, Omar Boraie. Omar Boraie has made it his life’s mission to restore the following city of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

He started the city’s restoration by focusing on the family and making it more appealing to them to stay in the city. This was accomplished partnering with the Provident Bank Foundation as well as the New Jersey Stage. Their idea was to begin a “Free Summer Movie Night” that all families could come to. This with span out over seven consecutive weekends so that each family would have an opportunity to come. When all was said and done a total of 7500 families came to one of these events.

Omar Boraie continued the city’s restoration by focusing on keeping jobs in the area. He knew the very simple truth of the economy; people follow the jobs. Yes, there were many small businesses in the area, but these small businesses were not capable of employing a large number of people. If you want to employ a large number of people, then you need to be a large business. The only large business in the area was Johnson and Johnson, and New Brunswick cannot afford to lose them. Omar Boraie sat down with them, shared his vision of the city, and they agreed to jump on board.

From there, Omar Boraie and Boraie Development would spend time creating a coalition of movers and shakers in New Brunswick. This coalition was headed by Omar Boraie, the president of Johnson & Johnson, the president of Rutgers University, and the current city mayor.

The next step was to begin luring more of the middle class to their area. The first step to accomplish this was to provide business real-estate for practicing professionals. By building class A office space, people such as doctors, surgeons, lawyers, and psychiatrists would want to be in the area.

The last step to helping New Brunswick prosper was building residential real-estate for these professionals to live in. One such place is the 17 story tall Aspire Tower built for professionals only. You can search on Yahoo to see more.

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Logan Stout: The Dumb Jock Who Became An Entrepreneur

In the past jocks were always regarded as dumb and nerds always considered as unathletic. Over the years the lines between the two have blurred substantially. Nowadays nerds are athletes and jocks are geniuses.

No one makes this new grey area more apparent than entrepreneur Logan Stout. Stout excelled in both physical and classroom activities while a student at J.J. Pearce High School in his hometown of Richardson, Texas. He was both a star student and star athlete in high school. He was on the school’s baseball and basketball varsity teams and was voted as back to back MVP of his basketball team. He also belonged to the school’s Student Athletic Council.

Despite his prowess in basketball during his high school years he went on to become a professional baseball player. He considers his time as a professional baseball athlete some of the best years of his life. Although he no longer plays or coaches he still has a deep love for the game, and now serves as a mentor and motivator to new players. His love of mentoring led to the birth of the Dallas Patriots, one of the largest baseball organizations in the world. He founded the organization to make training more convenient for all young players.

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When Logan Stout is not out tending to one of his businesses he is just a fun loving family man. He is still married to his high school sweetheart, Haley, and the couple live in Texas along with their two sons have two sons Miles and Cooper.

Logan Stout is an individual who thoroughly enjoys life to the fullest. He makes it a priority to take advantage of every moment. He truly believes life is what you make of it and you get out what you put in. He has been recognized by several online journals and publications for his many accomplishments.

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Adam Goldenberg and the Unicorn Club

Founded in 2010, JustFab, now known as TechStyle, is an online fashion retailer that carries a wide selection of handbags, jewelry, shoes, and denim. It can provide a more personalized shopping experience based on its members’ preferences.

Adam Goldenberg is the co-CEO of JustFab and, through his hard work, the company climbed the ranks and earned the right to be called a “unicorn”. What is a unicorn? In this sense of the word, unicorn refers to a company that have a valuation of over $1 billion.

Adam Goldenberg sat down with Bambi Francisco, the founder and CEO of Vator, at Vator’s annual Splash Oakland event to talk about his company. When asked about the company’s unicorn status, Adam Goldenberg spoke about how they never thought of themselves as a unicorn, but a lot of employees have spent a lot of time working very hard. So it’s nice to have the external validation.

As the years go on, unicorn companies are becoming more and more common. In 2014, 38 companies gained unicorn status on In the previous three years, only 22 companies gained that status.

Francisco then asked if Adam Goldenberg thought the valuations were getting out of hand. He said that you could probably invest in those companies and get decent returns.

So who are the “big dinosaurs” in JustFab’s industry? There are multiple retailers that are similar to JustFab such as Forever21, Abercrombie, and The Gap for example. Americans spend about $360 billion a year on apparel and accessories. $50 billion of that happens online at 10 years ago, that number was next to nothing, and a few years later it was $20 billion.

Adam Goldenberg believes that at least half of all shopping will be done online within the next 10 years and he hopes to be making a decent chunk of that.

Jason Halpern: Born for Business

Jason Halpern: A Business Idol

In the world of real estate, JMH is an undisputed champion. The award winning company specializes in real estate development. As a result, the company produced multiple properties across North America. In fact, these properties are luxurious and intricately designed. The properties are sure to stand out. Also, location is everything. Due to JMH’s high quality in taste, they place properties in some of America’s most populous areas. These areas include New York and Florida.

Jason Halpern in Production

In addition, JMH is actively involved throughout the development of their properties. Metaphorically speaking, JHM leaves no rock un-turned. JHM oversees every aspect, from advertising to the construction of their buildings. The company also has holdings in the hospitality industry. It is almost as if JHM has the golden touch because every property they build does well. JHM does not accept anything less than the best. When it pertains to historic sites, the company respects it in its entirety. Unlike other real estate development companies, JHM does not vandalize sacred land or areas with historic significance. JHM’s excellent track record comes from an excellent founder. The apple did not fall too far from the tree, if it fell at all. The man responsible for JHM Development is none other than Jason Halpern. Being a real estate developer runs in Jason Halpern’s family.

Jason with Model Milana and Richard

For three generations straight, Jason Halpern’s family has dominated the real estate industry. As you may assumed, they passed their real estate greatness onto Jason. For over 50 years, the Halpern family has constructed some of New York’s premiere properties. In the aftermath of the Halpern’s family drive to do business, hundreds of apartments owe there existence to them. In his own right Jason Halpern has spruced up his family’s winning real estate formula. This has resulted in further developments and profitability from their prospects. To be exact, Jason has a niche for historic landmarks and sites. When his company goes to these places, he seeks the approval of their community. Jason makes sure his company’s projects are in tune with properties of historical value. This is something he takes very seriously. Aside from being a successful real estate developer, Jason Halpern is also a philanthropist and a humanitarian.

Jason and His Wife

Jason has given back to the communities he has served. An example of his charitable causes would be the trauma center at the Westchester Medical Center. The center is known for its miraculous staff that has saved countless lives. In 2015, Jason upped the ante when he created a clean water initiate to combat unsafe water in areas such as Ethiopia and Nepal. Year after year, Jason continues to add on to his family’s legacy.

AHBE Serves the New Hampshire Insurance Company with a Lawsuit

The former owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, sued New Hampshire Insurance company regarding breach of contract. In the lawsuit, the basketball company claims that insurance company failed to honor Danny Ferry’s claims. Ferry was the general manager of the basketball and entertainment company (AHBE).

The lawsuit was filed in Fulton County’s superior court. It didn’t involve Tony Ressler, the current owner of the Atlanta Hawks. AHBE claimed that it had acquired an insurance coverage from New Hampshire Insurance Company. The coverage was meant for losses related to employment practices. It also encompassed wrongful termination and workplace torts. The insurance firm was sued for failing to compensate Ferry after he lost his job when Atlanta Hawks was sold.

AHBE was represented in court by Barnes & Thornburg, a prominent law firm. James Leonard, an associate of the company, told the judge that AHBE was seeking compensation for the unpaid loss and attorney fees.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an American entrepreneur known for founding the United Communications Group. He founded the company in collaboration with Ed Peskowitz back in 1977. He also owns the Atlanta Spirit. In his Bloomberg bio, before founding UCG, Levenson worked as a writer for Observing Publisher and Washington Star.

In 2015, he was appointed as the director of Levenson is also a board member of the Newsletter and Electronic Publisher Association. Levenson also participates in charity work. According to, he serves as the president of a non-profit organization known as I have a Dream Foundation. The group concentrates on nurturing local talent and helping kids from unprivileged families. Levenson attributes his success to the education he got from the Washington University as he pursued an undergraduate arts degree. He also attended the famed American University for a J.D.

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Don Ressler: A Man Who Is Passionate About Beauty

One of the best ways to find success is to be passionate about something. Don Ressler himself has found his passion for fashion among other fields. For those that look into it, it is easy how one could develop a passion for the fashion industry. Fashion is often underrated in some instances. For instance, many people don’t seem to understand that fashion can actually have an effect on one’s own self image on Pando. Among the things that could be said of people who have a self image that is lacking is that they find that there is a slight shift in their mentality when they are wearing something that they like. This is one of the reasons that Don Ressler has decided to take on the fashion industry.

While it is a huge difference to dress well, Don Ressler wants to go beyond that. One thing that people are not very thrilled about is looking like a clone of someone else. People want to be themselves in this age. So Don Ressler has teamed with Adam Goldenberg to form JustFab and the brands that have spread out from it. With JustFab has come a business model that is very effective for the company.

One of the issues that people who are looking for new clothes are faced with is the fact that some clothes are made for only certain body types. A lot of women have seen clothes that they like only to find out that it doesn’t fit the best with their body type on They often had the choice to settle for it or put it back. JustFab gives women the chance to have it all with the unique outfits that they have for women.

Don Ressler has women experiencing the difference that their pieces of clothing make. They also offer a lot of great accessories that will bring out the best in the outfit. Women will quickly experience an increase in their confidence. This confidence will carry into other areas in their life.

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