How To Travel To Samoa On A Budget

Many people who want to visit Apia, Samoa as a tourist choose to land at the Fagali’I Airport. This is a small airport which is currently used by two Samoa-based airlines, Samoa Air and Polynesian Airlines. They both provide flights to nearby American Samoa from this privately held airport. Polynesian Airlines flies three airplanes, all of which are DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft. This airplane, built by a Canadian company, can fit 19 passengers and is often used by those who offer skydiving to its customers.

Once passengers taxi into Fagali’I Airport they are let off the airplane and walk to the concourse. Once they have gotten through customs they can get to their hotels in one of two ways. For cheaper hotels they will need to take a taxi. Higher end hotels, though, have a shuttle.


A visit to Apia can very much be done on a limited budget. The flights that use Fagali’I Airport cost around $150, for example. For the budget traveler who want to spend as little as possible on their hotel the cheapest such place in Apia currently is the Tatiana Motel Tanugamanono which charges a mere $30 a night. This hotel is located just over a mile away from Fagali’i Airport as well.

A frugal traveler can still eat out while visiting Apia. Budget places to eat include Amanis Restaurant, Uncle Bills, the Italiano cafe, and the Marketi Fou. A great fish and chips lunch can be had for a little over $3, for example. People can get what’s called the “Samoan Pancake” not far from Fagali’I Airport which costs around 20 cents according to

There are a lot of things to do for someone traveling through Fagali’I Airport on a tight budget according to There are locations to explore which cost nothing or are very reasonably priced. Samoa Cultural Village is an example of this and it is just 2.2 miles from Fagali’I Airport. People can learn all about the Polynesian culture here. Piula Cave Pool is another popular place to visit and it is free. It’s a large natural pool which is fed by underwater springs.

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