Felipe Montoro Jens Gives His Insight About The Government’s Initiative For Improving Sanitation In Brazil

Brazil is one of the fastest developing countries in the world today, and its economy has been growing steadily over the years. It is all because of the Brazil’s government progressive outlook and quick adaptability to the changing environment, globally and internationally. Keeping pace with its progressive vision, the government recently announced a partnership with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development, in the area of sanitation.


The government announced that it would provide the organization concessions to help improve the basic sanitation in the country and develop plans on a local, regional and national level that would ensure that there is less wastage of water, improved use of resources, and the better sterile environment. Even though many people are skeptical about the government’s latest move, the ministry of water has received the idea well.


Trata Brasil is an institute that does research on areas of basic sanitation of Brazil, and Edison Carlos is the President of the organization. He said that such partnerships are highly needed in a country where the basic sanitation and water management is increasingly becoming an area of concern. He pointed out that currently over ninety percent of the sanitation services in the country are managed by the government, out of which the state controls seventy percent. Felipe Montoro Jens, who is one of the most talented financial executives in the country and specialize in infrastructure projects, said that the union of public and private sector in the area of basic sanitation would help in making progress much faster.


Felipe Montor Jens said that the BNDES would be able to make custom tailored plans for remediation, water and resources management for each state and area, which would help in making progress faster. Felipe Montoro Jens graduated from Getulio Vargas Foundation and completed his Masters in Business Administration from the famous Thunderbird School of Global Management