2 Facts that You Should Know About Waiakea Water

It is not uncommon for people all over the U.S. and abroad to carry their own bottled water with them on a daily basis. In fact, many people take their bottles with them to work, to school, to the grocery store and any other place that they may travel to throughout the week. In many cases, a family may even travel with a very large cooler of sandwiches, pudding pops, and cases of bottled water too when they are on their vacations. No matter the place or the reason, bottled water is always an appropriate part of the traveling gear, especially for people who do not like to drink their water from the tap. So, for those of you who may be interested in a relatively new brand of water that you may or may not know about, you may be interested in knowing a few facts about Waiakea Water.

Fact #1 – Waiakea Water comes from Hawaii

Unlike bottled water that comes from a cool spring in places like Arkansas or areas in the deep south, this water comes from a volcano in Hawaii. In fact, in some cases, people may refer to this water by several different names including Hawaii volcanic water and Waiakea water ph. So, whenever anyone is looking for a bottled water that is completely fresh but comes from a volcano, they may be searching for one of the most recent and booming bottled water options, specifically one with a brand that is clearly labeled ‘Waiakea Water’. This bottled water is also considered to be one of the purest sources of water on the earth. Especially, since it comes from a pristine snowcapped peak in Hawaii, and it is inherently naturally purified by nature’s own process as it flows down the volcano.

Fact #2 – Water is Rich in Minerals and Vitamins

Based on the company that produces this water for distribution, this bottled water is also well known for its volcanic water benefits. This is especially the case because this water is rich in electrolytes and minerals from the earth. Therefore, unlike other bottled water is actually good for one’s health.


The Philanthropic Entrepreneur, Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is a renowned businessman. He has worked at several places in his years before beginning his own transportation venture known as Custom Companies Incorporation. Upon completion of high school in Chicago, he joined the Unites States Marines where he was assigned to work in the motor pool of the marines. Here, he learned to drive trucks which became the starting point of something great in his life. Perry Mandera was awarded an honorable discharge from the United States Corps Reserve, years later.

On joining the community, he decided to work in the transport industry. He therefore began his own company, which he later sold and joined the political system as a ward committee (https://affiliatedork.com/perry-mandera-mercy-home). On completion of his term, he decided again to venture in the thing he loved the most. This was the beginning the Custom Companies Incorporation, that has become the best in terms of transportation, cargo management, among others, whose headquarters is in Chicago Illinois. It also has a branch in Los Angeles, California. This company has created employment to hundreds of people in the society. It has enabled many people meet their daily need through good salary they earn. This company has been known internationally for the good services hence it has come to earns hundreds of million in profits annually.

In addition, Perry Mandera as the managing director of the business, serves the clients directly. He also emphasizes on confidentiality, professional courtesy and honesty to the clients. Perry Mandera also supports the Illinois State Crime Commission whose aim is to create good relationship between the police and the people. They equip the police with security techniques such as firearms management while also implementing ways of strengthening existing laws.

Furthermore, he has earned several awards including the President Award and Bishop Sheils Award from the Illinois Crime Commission, the top 100 American Transportation Executive of the millennium by the Illinois Transportation Association. Most importantly, Perry Mandera is a Philanthropist whose main aim in life is giving back to the society. He began a charity company known as Custom Cares which deals in providing funds to other charity organizations. He has also provided foods and clothing to victims of tornadoes and hurricane.


Sahm Adrangi Issues Report On Eastman Kodak Company

In his capacity as the managing director of Kerrisdale Capital, Sahm Adrangi issued a negative report after working with Eastman Kodak Company for a short period. The commercial printing company whose stock rose to 187% after the partnership registered dwindling performance according to Sahm Adrangi. The announcement is a hollow attempt to bar ICO oriented companies from approaching it for business. More details on Sahm Adrangi at valuewalk.com.

Kodak’s Partnership with Kerrisdale

Kodak is 138 years into the imaging and printing business. The profits have doubled since the Kerrisdale Capital partnership. The blockchain and cryptocurrency partnership contributed to the sudden rise in manufacturing licenses. From the $300 million Kodak generated from the partnership, shareholders conveniently granted themselves huge shares before the announcement. This means that the business is worth more than the stated figure.


To address the issue, Adrangi scheduled a conference call dated 7th February. The agenda will be to scrutinize the Kodak report. Interested parties are allowed to attend this conference. You can reserve a seat by dialing 888-567-1603 if you are in Canada or America. Read more at Endpoints News about Sahm Adrangi.

Founding Kerrisdale Capital

Mr. Sahm Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. The company is an investment firm that provides investment insight to entrepreneurs and business professionals. Adrangi initially worked for Longacre Fund Management LLC, the Deutsche Bank, and Chanin Capital Partners. He has vast experience in hedge fund management. That is why at Longacre Fund Management, he handled about $2 billion in distressed debt fund.


Sahm Adrangi is an alumnus of Yale University. He pursued education and majored in arts and economics. He is a master in skilled investments, investment banking, management and hedge fund evaluation among other fields in the industry. At Kerrisdale, he focuses on specific factors including short selling in addition to publishing research. He is also equipped with biotechnology skills. Sahm’s research has contributed to the expansion of numerous businesses.

Additional Information

Adrangi first became an admired hedge fund manager when he blew the whistle on a fraudulent, Chinese company. He exposed China Marine Food Group and Lihua International among others. He still issues reports regarding companies that swindle investors. It is evident that Sahm Adrangi commits to providing investors with comfortable, trading environment.

Visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sahm-adrangi

InnovaCare: Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

There are many different healthcare organizations. Some offer certain healthcare benefits that others don’t. Let’s take a look at one of these health care organizations, how they operate, and its leadership.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare is a healthcare organization that not only deals with healthcare management and delivery, but also has 120 years of experience and expertise in this industry. They help other health organizations meet and surpass the non stop demands of the field. With the administrative and operational knowledge of their team, their fellow healthcare organizations can positively believe that their value based model is capturing every opportunity for improved quality. They strongly believe in intellectual healthcare. They have successfully helped others to improve their services.

The case studies that InnovCare has developed show many things. They have improved healthcare in areas other organizations have found challenging. Puerto Rico is one of the nation’s top 10 medicare advantage markets. It is also one of the world’s largest markets for dual eligible beneficiaries. Today, InnovaCare manages nearly half a million lives on the island.

Rick Shinto Prior to InnovaCare

Before InnovaCare Health, Mr. Rick Shinto worked not only as CEO of Aveta, Inc. but also as CEO of NAMM California. Before NAMM he was the Chief Operating and Medical Officer of Pathway Medical Management. He served as CVP of medical management of MedPartners from 1997-1998. That was before he left to become the Chief Medical Officer of Cal Optima. He started his medical career as an internist practicing in Southern California. For more details visit Ideamensch.

Penelope Kokkinides Prior to InnovaCare

Prior to InnovaCare, she was Chief Operating Officer of Aveta, Inc. She was also Vice President of Clinical Operations. She has more than 20 years of medical experience specific to government programs. Penelope Kokkinides  was Chief Operating Officer of Touchstone Health. She has also worked with United Health Group.

With so many health care services out there it is challenging to find one that suits each individual need. It helps to have people that have years of medical knowledge and experience. When you have a health care team that has dedicated themselves to making health a priority, it makes the world a better place. You can visit their website innovacarehealth.com

Read more: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160728006039/en/InnovaCare-Health-Announces-Additions-Leadership

Securus Technologies Has a Future in Prison Communication

Securus Technologies is leading the future of inmate communications by offering inmates an affordable way to access electronic devices. One of the biggest problems that prisons face is security. By utilizing secure connections Securus Technologies offers inmates a great way to access certain resources. Inmates have a lot of difficulty finding reliable educational material in prison. Through programs offered by the company inmates can find affordable books, songs and other various educational resources. Inmates can also find reliable legal resources to help them through their incarceration.


People often tend to think that prisoners cannot be rehabilitated. Securus Technologies helps prisoners by giving them communication opportunities as well as educational resources in order to speed up their rehabilitation. Learning how to change and return to society is extremely important to the prison system. Not only does it benefit society, it also benefits the prisoners if they learn how to behave more appropriately. Letting prisoners rot is not the solution to the criminal problems of society. Not only does Securus Technologies solve these problems, it also does so in a safe and effective method. Some would say that prisoners should not receive this aid because they are to be punished. To truly change their ways they need opportunities to better themselves.


Omar Boraie Revives a Dead City

It seems that the common people in America are becoming more hateful toward the richest people in our country. We have labeled the 1% as greedy bigots who are only trying to get more money for themselves. This is certainly true for some of the 1%, but it is not true for the man who saved New Brunswick, New Jersey, Omar Boraie. Omar Boraie has made it his life’s mission to restore the following city of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

He started the city’s restoration by focusing on the family and making it more appealing to them to stay in the city. This was accomplished partnering with the Provident Bank Foundation as well as the New Jersey Stage. Their idea was to begin a “Free Summer Movie Night” that all families could come to. This with span out over seven consecutive weekends so that each family would have an opportunity to come. When all was said and done a total of 7500 families came to one of these events.

Omar Boraie continued the city’s restoration by focusing on keeping jobs in the area. He knew the very simple truth of the economy; people follow the jobs. Yes, there were many small businesses in the area, but these small businesses were not capable of employing a large number of people. If you want to employ a large number of people, then you need to be a large business. The only large business in the area was Johnson and Johnson, and New Brunswick cannot afford to lose them. Omar Boraie sat down with them, shared his vision of the city, and they agreed to jump on board.

From there, Omar Boraie and Boraie Development would spend time creating a coalition of movers and shakers in New Brunswick. This coalition was headed by Omar Boraie, the president of Johnson & Johnson, the president of Rutgers University, and the current city mayor.

The next step was to begin luring more of the middle class to their area. The first step to accomplish this was to provide business real-estate for practicing professionals. By building class A office space, people such as doctors, surgeons, lawyers, and psychiatrists would want to be in the area.

The last step to helping New Brunswick prosper was building residential real-estate for these professionals to live in. One such place is the 17 story tall Aspire Tower built for professionals only. You can search on Yahoo to see more.

See more: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/06/realestate/at-two-extremes-of-a-housing-market.html

Initially Set To Retire In 2018 As Bradesco President, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Is Now Set To Stay A Lot Longer At The Bank After Being Appointed Chairman

A country’s economy is a complex system made of many interdependent industries. Arguably one of the most crucial sectors to the health of any economy is the banking industry. As such, countries all around the world are continuously engaged in processes that encourage competitiveness and growth in their banking industries. Brazil is one of the countries. The country, which also happens to have the largest economy in Latin America, has a healthy banking industry that is made up of a healthy mix of private and public banks. In the last five decades, one bank that has consistently featured highly among the list of top private banks is Bradesco.

Currently, it is the second-largest private lender but has under the leadership of Luiz Carlos Trabuco shown that it might soon take the top spot from Itau Unibanco according to terra.com.br.

Perhaps the reason Bradesco has been fairing so well under the guidance of Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the fact that he holistically understands the bank’s culture. The experienced executive joined the bank more than five decades ago. Coincidentally, Bradesco and Luiz Carlos Trabuco hail from the same Brazilian town of Marilia. Despite only being a teenager when he joined the bank as a clerk, Trabuco quickly impressed in the role as was soon after promoted to a mid-level post. By 1984, he had already joined the managerial rank by being appointed to the position of marketing director. He impressed immensely in the position by mending the bank’s relationship with the press and was soon after the recipient of even bigger promotions. By 2003, he had already risen to become the president of Bradesco Seguros, a subsidiary of the bank. While at the insurance company he immensely the stature of the Brazilian insurance industry and was befittingly the recipient of numerous awards during six-year tenure. His success at the insurer also meant that he became the undisputed top candidate for the presidency of Bradesco once Marcio Cypriano retired. As such, in March 2009 Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over Mr. Cypriano as the president of Bradesco. It is a position that he has ably held since. He has also turned down numerous lucrative offers to remain with Bradesco including the chance to become Brazil’s finance minister.

Read more: Lázaro Brandão será substituído por Trabuco no conselho do Bradesco

A New Beginning as Bradesco Chairman

In late 2017, Bradesco announced that Luiz Carlos Trabuco would be taking over from Lazaro Brandao as the chairman of the financial institution. It is a deserved appointment for Luiz Carlos Trabuco as he is significantly more experienced than every other employee at Bradesco. The appointment has also rejuvenated Trabuco’s relation with the bank as he was earlier meant to leave the bank this year after hitting the mandatory retirement age for presidents. Since the position of chairman does not carry a retirement age, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will likely be at Bradesco for at least a few more years. For the meantime, however, he will continue serving as the president of the bank until a replacement is chosen later on this year.

Stepping into the shoes of the legendary Lazaro Brandao will not be easy even for the highly active Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Before his departure, Mr. Brandao had been with the bank for more than seven decades according to valor.com.br. Arguably, the bank’s most successful years came while Mr. Brandao was either serving as president or chairman. Fortunately, however, Luiz Carlos Trabuco had directly been working under Lazaro Brandao on the Bradesco board as the vice chairman for three years. Many in the industry were already speculating years ago that Lazaro Brandao was grooming Luiz Carlos Trabuco to take over after him.

Search more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: http://www.valor.com.br/financas/5194121/trabuco-apesar-das-incertezas-investidores-acreditam-no-pais

Barbara Stokes: The Gem Of Huntsville, Alabama

Who is Barbara Stokes?

Barbara Stokes is the chief executive officer of Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC. Her husband, Scott Stokes, also happens to be the COO of the same company. Barbara Stokes’ name has other claims to fame, however. Barbara and Scott have also been associated with helping FEMA’s disaster relief services. However, they have primarily done this through the Green Structure Homes company. Read more about Barbara Stokes at WDRB.com.

How did Stokes get her start?

Barbara Stokes graduated from the prestigious Mercer University in 2000. When she attended Mercer, her major was in biomedical engineering. During her time at Mercer, she studied several other subjects that would come to help her in her future career. Some of these include physics, technical communication, and manufacturing. Mercer University is located in the quaint town of Macon, Georgia.

What came next for Barbara Stokes?

After coming to Alabama, Barbara became associated with Green Structure Homes in the year 2008. This was when Barbara and Scott Stokes founded the company. With her and her husband Scott at the helm of the company, they have brought success and prosperity to Green Structure Homes. Many believe that the young couple has truly risen up overnight and made a name for themselves with their expert knowledge in business and disaster relief services. Read more about Barbara Stokes at crunchbase.com.

What does Green Structure Homes do?

Green Structure Homes LLC. designs high-quality steel and wood modular homes. Their homes are environmentally friendly and energy efficient to make them the ideal homes for the 21st-century American family. The homes from GSH are built in a manner of days from the time the kits are delivered. These homes are also able to withstand disastrous weather, including high-speed winds.

What does GSH do for their community?

Green Structure Homes has exclusive contracts with government agencies such as FEMA for when disaster strikes. One aspect of it is their temporary housing units in order to help families that have suddenly been left without a place to live.

View: http://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/Huntsville-Alabama-Based-Company-Awarded-28-5-Million-FEMA-Contract-1002883259

Louis Chenevert’s High Powered Legacy

Why Chenevert is the Ultimate CEO To Copy

A very successful Canadian businessman, Louis Chenevert was United Technologies Corporation’s CEO until he stepped down on December 2014. He started out as a Production General Manager and worked fourteen years for General Motors before joining Pratt & Whitney Canada in 1993. There, he quickly joined the high ranking officials, being elected as president just after six years. Beginning in 2015, he became the Exclusive Advisor of the Merchant Banking division, where he continues to create great opportunities for both the technology and aerospace industries.

During his stint as CEO of UTC, Chenevert had made notable achievements that allowed him to leave a magnificent legacy for the American multinational company. One significant role he played in, and is marked as the biggest and most important deal of his career, is the Goodrich acquisition. Negotiating for one long year before closing it at $18.4 billion dollars, this deal highlights Chenevert’s extraordinary proficiency and understanding of the business. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Affiliate Dork.

Understanding and acting upon the company’s ideal for creating environment-friendly products, Chenevert made it his mission to significantly lessen the company’s share in greenhouse gas emission and water consumption through making and improving their products, as well as putting up global standards for all their facilities.

Another greener and noteworthy success for UTC that was heavily aided by Chenevert is the Geared Turbofan engine that catapulted Pratt & Whitney as frontrunners in the narrow-body jet engine niche. Already used by fourteen airlines and installed in almost a hundred aircrafts, the geared turbofan engine not only reduces fuel burn by 16% but it also diminishes gas emissions by up to 50%. It was a long $10 billion investment that paid off very well, as it both gives great advantages to the aerospace industry and the planet.

Louis Chenevert saw the importance on investing in technology that had an immense potential for payoff. This made huge company growth possible, and in turn allowing UTC to create more and more jobs. But, like all successful CEOs, Louis Chenevert did not stop for just the company’s needs. He knew and respected the fact that what drives a company to great success is its people. Chenevert’s fantastic leadership has made many more opportunities for the company, its manufacturers, and it suppliers to hire new talents to aid in the ever-evolving innovations that they’re creating. A great example is UTC’s recent announcement that its projected to hire more than two thousand new employees in the next three years due to their new technology’s demand. Read more at French Tribune.

What made Louis Chenevert an amazing and highly successful CEO is that he envisioned the company he’s working for as an investment in itself. It was his job to make sure that the company moves forward in the industry it is in. It is a career-long goal for any CEO to turn over the company to his successor better than when he first started out. Chenevert understood that for this to happen, he had to make sure that the people working for the company are well compensated and educated as they are the driving force that makes the company all the more successful. Chenevert’s shrewd business acumen coupled by his humanitarian disposition has allowed United Technologies Corporation to grow into the leader of the industry it is today.

View: http://reporterexpert.com/louis-cheneverts-business-successes-past-present-future/

Waiakea Water is the best in the market

There are thousands of water manufacturing companies that have been established in the market at the moment. These companies sell bottled water to billions of people who are living in the international community. When visiting a store in the market, water is one of the commodities that will be easy to locate because the stores understand the importance of water to humans. According to a survey that was carried out by one of the respected companies in the research world, the water bottling sector has been making more than ten billion in the international community. At the moment, the study shows that people living in Italy are the number one users of bottled water internationally. Other nations are starting to embrace this technique. Read more about Waiakea Water on 10bestwater.com.

Several years ago, the people who were selling water were mostly laughed at when they expressed their ideas to the people. The thing was even worse for the countries where the citizens have clean drinking water in the kitchen taps. Because these people can access the water they need at the comfort of their house, they never need to purchase any bottled water for drinking. These people believe that it is not right to pay for something that can be acquired for free in the house. Bottled water, however, is filtered to get rid of the harmful pollutants in the water and so that people can be healthy after drinking the water. Getting the right water that retains its minerals can be a challenging task for most consumers in the modern times.

View: https://affiliatedork.com/the-truth-behind-waiakea-water

Waiakea Water is among the water companies that are currently into the international market. The water company has been in the market for only a few years, and it has managed to impress billions of people from all over the globe because of its great taste and the number of nutrients it possesses. The water company has been awarded for leading in the market that is already dominated by other water bottling companies. Getting these awards is not an easy task,the leaders of the company have worked hard. Just recently, the institution introduced a new water bottle that is environment friendly. Visit BevNet to know more.