Meet the Passionate Producer, Stage Manager: Clay Hutson

The passion of what we do is very crucial because it inspires us to keep going even when things are tough. Clay Hutson is among the people who chose to dedicate their life doing what they love to do. Hutson is a tour manager, and he works with big stars like Kid Rock, Pink, and now he is set to conduct Halsey’s tour in Australia. Other prominent pop song singers will join Halsey. Halsey is very excited to work with Clay Hutson.

Clay Hutson is both experienced and educated in the field. He earned himself a bachelor’s degree in theatre design from the Central Michigan University. He then attended Stephen M. Ross School of Business where he studied Business Administration. In terms of experience, he has worked in several industries in various units. Hutson was employed, but unfortunately, his employer was forced out of business by the financial crisis. Hutson opted to start his business instead of seeking employment.

The hardest part of a business is becoming profitable. You have to be able to sell your products to say you are in business. Some firms take longer time than others to become profitable. Clay Hutson admits that it wasn’t easy to become profitable on his own with the financial crisis. He, however, says that he landed good clients quickly. With consistent hard work, he became profitable within a reasonable time.

Hardships in business are common; however, not everybody has the heart to weather the storm. Clay Hutson says that it was not easy believing in his dream in the middle of the recession period. He says he doubted it would work but he kept showing up and doing his part. He also had a major crisis that profoundly affected him. He was a subcontractor between a firm and a client. Misunderstandings came up between the client and the firm. Despite the client breaking up with the firm, they were still interested in working with Clay Hutson. The firm sued him, and he was fined $150000. It was not easy, but fortunately, he was able to get past it.

In the music industry, you have to keep earning yourself more clients to be profitable. Clay Hutson says that referrals are the biggest source of his clients. He also has a website, where he explains who he is and what he does for musicians. He also connects with his clients through LinkedIn. He says it is a good way of maintaining his image. Learn more:

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