All about Dr. Dov Rand and the Health Aging Medical Center

Dr. Dov Rand is a weight loss expert and a specialist in integrated medicine. He practices bio identical hormone replacement and serves as the president of the Health Aging medical Center located in West Orange NJ. While treating patients with age related medical issues, Dr. Dov manipulates integrative and regenerative tactics. He ensures that his patients go through therapies that regain health they had while young and also prevent diseases.

According to Dr. Dov Rand, nutrition, exercise and hormone levels are the key things to focus on while treating age related disorders. He says that everyone has two types of hormones, the good and the bad hormones ( Dr. Rand says that bad hormones increase in human bloodstream as one grows old. When the bad hormones surpass the good hormones level, that’s when age related disorders begin. Examples of good hormones include thyroid, testosterone, DHEA, and estrogen while a good example of the bad hormones is insulin.

During treatment, Dr. Dov Rand basically works towards restoring the balance between the two types of hormones. Once the balancing is achieved, patients benefit by regaining energy and stamina, and they are also less likely to be susceptible to cancer. There is also a significant drop in their cholesterol levels which largely reduces their chances of having heart disease. Examples of diseases that are age related include mental fogginess, insomnia, night sweats, andropause symptoms, high blood pressure, fatigue, hot flashes, and muscle atrophy among others.

Dr. Dov Rand has developed a comprehensive approach to hormone therapy, physical therapy and dietary supplements. This is basically due to the fact that physical therapies reduce adipose material in the body while dietary supplements are necessary for building muscle tissues. Hormone therapies provide the body with the deficient hormones and by doing so, they boost the healing process.

At Health Aging Medical Center, patients are given educational materials that enable them comprehend the advantages that come with combining physical, hormonal and nutritional therapies. Dr. Dov Rand is affiliated to the Chilton Medical Center located in Pompton plains in New Jersey. He is also certified and licensed to practice his medical career in the same area.


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