Rodrigo Terpins Follows In The Footsteps Of His Father

While Rodrigo Terpins may be a well known professional rally driver and the owner of multiple business ventures, one of the things that people don’t often realize is the similarities that he shares with his father, Jack Terpins. Both have led their business ventures, and both have a passion for sport. One could say that their interests and doings have built interest for these in each other.



Rodrigo Terpins has always possessed a passion for sports and was encouraged to take on whatever sport he came across as a child. He grew up in a supportive household wherein he was encouraged to work hard towards his dreams. His father had played basketball for Hebraica during the 19060s and came to be known for his skill and passion for the sport. Jack Terpins always believed that the youth should be encouraged to take up sports and develop a healthy lifestyle, which is something that rubbed off on his children, who are both now well-known rally drivers.



Because of the encouragement that he received, Terpins tried his hand at a number of sports since he was a child. He would regularly participate in school and local competitions and events, and would even play for his school and college teams. In college, he decided that he would try to get into a profession that would let him carry on his love for sports, while still giving him a good stable career. Business was something that interested him and seeing his father run his real estate company gave him the confidence to take up the profession. During this time, Terpins started getting more into rally car racing, which was something he later decided to take up professionally. Even though he first started it out as a hobby, Terpins has come a long way since then, making his way to the more significant stages. He is also currently being sponsored by numerous brands for the events that he partakes in.  For more details you can visit




Rodrigo Terpins is also a prominent member of the Jewish community and contributes to a lot of community projects, which is another thing that he shares with his father.


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