Writer, CEO, Inspiration Glen Wakeman

If you are looking for somebody that is an inspiring person, a motivator, as well as an experienced business venture then that person is Glen Wakeman. Glen has founded numerous business but his most prominent one is Launchpad Holdings which has the capability of focusing on different people that are striving to be entrepreneurs and look to develop their business by means of organizing the ideas which we all know is the main structure of any business. Glen targets the foundation of a entrepreneurs business by targeting the core plans that can truly influence the decisions made by the CEO of that new business. These tactics drive change, culture, and sustainability within these businesses which then helps the community and thus not only creates profit but bolsters morale as well.

Glen is a proven business man with degrees in economics and Finance from the University of Scranton. The credentials provide a stable foundation of knowledge that Glen pulls from when making crucial business decisions. Experience and ingenuity provide Glen Wakeman a very wide range of ideas that help inspire his businesses and also his foundation helps keep him on track.

Whenever a business is starting numerous entrepreneurs know that it will most likely not be profitable and thus sometimes give up from the start. This is because entrepreneurs usually have a ton of ideas and drive but not the capital to back it up with potential to tap into the market that they are striving for. Glen knows that making an actual profit takes time and he gives advice on this specific topic as well in that he mentors while delivering key experience. Glen advises other entrepreneurs to seek profit on a gradual level while sustaining good marketing and an excellent relationship with the customer base. These factors will help drive success and limit the amount of failures and low points that a business will definitely see when it starts to tap into any given market. Glen says that the toughest part of the business world is the start, so the key is to stay driven and goal focused so that you are able to keep a steady flow of inspiration.


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