Mike Baur’s Career in Business

Mike Baur is the current co founder of the Swiss based company Swiss Startup Factory. His company has emerged as one of the most innovative in the country. The company was started up to help many entrepreneurs find ways to build successful companies of their own. Prior to his pursuit of entrepreneurship, Mike would spend a decade as an investor. While working as an investor, he would spend his time investing in numerous new businesses. This allowed him to get valuable exposure to startup businesses. When he began his carer, he worked at banks and serve as an advisor to entrepreneurs who were looking to start up new companies. Baur’s assistance would enable many companies to start and expand. All of these experiences have enabled Mike Baur to have a rewarding career in business.


When Mike Baur first started his career in business, he worked for a number of banks. While working at these institutions, he would specialize in talking to entrepreneurs and about their financial needs for starting up a business. Baur would often evaluate their business idea, its demand and what funding they need in order to succeed. On most occasions, Baur would approve of loans which gave businesses the necessary capital to start up and expand. This banking experience was the first major thing that allowed Baur to eventually transition into entrepreneurship.


After working in the banking industry for over twenty years, Mike would then move on to pursue opportunities in startup investing. Mike would research a number of companies and then find which ones he would like to invest in. He would then put some of his funds into these companies and then receive a portion of their profits. This proved to be a highly lucrative experience for him. As well as providing him with financial rewards, Baur would also use this experience to get even more knowledge about the potential of startup businesses.


Baur would start up Swiss Startup Factory as the co founder of the company. This company specializes in helping entrepreneurs run and manage their companies. Mike’s company provides mentorship, coaching and support for a number of entrepreneurs who are looking to get the most out of their business ventures. The company works by holding an event where entrepreneurs can pitch their business idea and then get approval from Mike and his staff. Upon approval, Swiss Startup Factory will then provide assistance in all aspects of business such as managing finances and marketing.

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