Jose Hawilla: Establishing a Sports Marketing Conglomerate

Jose Hawilla became one of the most successful businessmen in Brazil because of his involvement in the sports industry. He founded the Traffic Group, and through his hard work, the company became one of the biggest sports marketing conglomerate in the country. The company today works with other sports marketing firms overseas, and Jose Hawilla is serious in transforming the Traffic Group into a multinational sports marketing firm. He has involved himself in a lot of sporting events since he established the company in 1980. Whenever a major sporting event is held in Brazil, he is making sure that the locals and other people from neighboring countries are being advised about the schedule of the events and where they could buy their tickets. You can visit

The marketing strategy of Jose Hawilla is so effective that it transformed him to become a leading marketer in the country, earning millions in profits. The Traffic Group is now considered as a major influencer in the field of sports, all thanks to the efforts made by Jose Hawilla. One of the most recent involvements of Jose Hawilla in the field of sports was when the World Cup and the Olympic Games were held in Rio de Janeiro. He had to promote these events so that many people from around the world will come into Brazil, boosting the tourism industry in the country. Jose Hawilla had to coordinate with the council behind the Olympic Games to promote it locally and internationally. Check out globo to see more.

After the successful events held in Brazil, Jose Hawilla’s net worth increased, and he started to lay his focus on foreign sports marketing company and urged them to join his group. Today, He is staying at his headquarters going from city to city to see how the marketing strategy of his company works. The former sports broadcaster also added that he never realized that he would be working directly with the athletes and the sports organizers someday. When he was younger, he only wanted to earn a living and reach his dreams of becoming an athlete. However, he realized that something better was in store for him, and he is very thankful for his business.

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