The Philanthropic Entrepreneur, Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is a renowned businessman. He has worked at several places in his years before beginning his own transportation venture known as Custom Companies Incorporation. Upon completion of high school in Chicago, he joined the Unites States Marines where he was assigned to work in the motor pool of the marines. Here, he learned to drive trucks which became the starting point of something great in his life. Perry Mandera was awarded an honorable discharge from the United States Corps Reserve, years later.

On joining the community, he decided to work in the transport industry. He therefore began his own company, which he later sold and joined the political system as a ward committee ( On completion of his term, he decided again to venture in the thing he loved the most. This was the beginning the Custom Companies Incorporation, that has become the best in terms of transportation, cargo management, among others, whose headquarters is in Chicago Illinois. It also has a branch in Los Angeles, California. This company has created employment to hundreds of people in the society. It has enabled many people meet their daily need through good salary they earn. This company has been known internationally for the good services hence it has come to earns hundreds of million in profits annually.

In addition, Perry Mandera as the managing director of the business, serves the clients directly. He also emphasizes on confidentiality, professional courtesy and honesty to the clients. Perry Mandera also supports the Illinois State Crime Commission whose aim is to create good relationship between the police and the people. They equip the police with security techniques such as firearms management while also implementing ways of strengthening existing laws.

Furthermore, he has earned several awards including the President Award and Bishop Sheils Award from the Illinois Crime Commission, the top 100 American Transportation Executive of the millennium by the Illinois Transportation Association. Most importantly, Perry Mandera is a Philanthropist whose main aim in life is giving back to the society. He began a charity company known as Custom Cares which deals in providing funds to other charity organizations. He has also provided foods and clothing to victims of tornadoes and hurricane.


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