Omar Boraie Revives a Dead City

It seems that the common people in America are becoming more hateful toward the richest people in our country. We have labeled the 1% as greedy bigots who are only trying to get more money for themselves. This is certainly true for some of the 1%, but it is not true for the man who saved New Brunswick, New Jersey, Omar Boraie. Omar Boraie has made it his life’s mission to restore the following city of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

He started the city’s restoration by focusing on the family and making it more appealing to them to stay in the city. This was accomplished partnering with the Provident Bank Foundation as well as the New Jersey Stage. Their idea was to begin a “Free Summer Movie Night” that all families could come to. This with span out over seven consecutive weekends so that each family would have an opportunity to come. When all was said and done a total of 7500 families came to one of these events.

Omar Boraie continued the city’s restoration by focusing on keeping jobs in the area. He knew the very simple truth of the economy; people follow the jobs. Yes, there were many small businesses in the area, but these small businesses were not capable of employing a large number of people. If you want to employ a large number of people, then you need to be a large business. The only large business in the area was Johnson and Johnson, and New Brunswick cannot afford to lose them. Omar Boraie sat down with them, shared his vision of the city, and they agreed to jump on board.

From there, Omar Boraie and Boraie Development would spend time creating a coalition of movers and shakers in New Brunswick. This coalition was headed by Omar Boraie, the president of Johnson & Johnson, the president of Rutgers University, and the current city mayor.

The next step was to begin luring more of the middle class to their area. The first step to accomplish this was to provide business real-estate for practicing professionals. By building class A office space, people such as doctors, surgeons, lawyers, and psychiatrists would want to be in the area.

The last step to helping New Brunswick prosper was building residential real-estate for these professionals to live in. One such place is the 17 story tall Aspire Tower built for professionals only. You can search on Yahoo to see more.

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