Securus Technologies Has a Future in Prison Communication

Securus Technologies is leading the future of inmate communications by offering inmates an affordable way to access electronic devices. One of the biggest problems that prisons face is security. By utilizing secure connections Securus Technologies offers inmates a great way to access certain resources. Inmates have a lot of difficulty finding reliable educational material in prison. Through programs offered by the company inmates can find affordable books, songs and other various educational resources. Inmates can also find reliable legal resources to help them through their incarceration.


People often tend to think that prisoners cannot be rehabilitated. Securus Technologies helps prisoners by giving them communication opportunities as well as educational resources in order to speed up their rehabilitation. Learning how to change and return to society is extremely important to the prison system. Not only does it benefit society, it also benefits the prisoners if they learn how to behave more appropriately. Letting prisoners rot is not the solution to the criminal problems of society. Not only does Securus Technologies solve these problems, it also does so in a safe and effective method. Some would say that prisoners should not receive this aid because they are to be punished. To truly change their ways they need opportunities to better themselves.


Initially Set To Retire In 2018 As Bradesco President, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Is Now Set To Stay A Lot Longer At The Bank After Being Appointed Chairman

A country’s economy is a complex system made of many interdependent industries. Arguably one of the most crucial sectors to the health of any economy is the banking industry. As such, countries all around the world are continuously engaged in processes that encourage competitiveness and growth in their banking industries. Brazil is one of the countries. The country, which also happens to have the largest economy in Latin America, has a healthy banking industry that is made up of a healthy mix of private and public banks. In the last five decades, one bank that has consistently featured highly among the list of top private banks is Bradesco.

Currently, it is the second-largest private lender but has under the leadership of Luiz Carlos Trabuco shown that it might soon take the top spot from Itau Unibanco according to

Perhaps the reason Bradesco has been fairing so well under the guidance of Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the fact that he holistically understands the bank’s culture. The experienced executive joined the bank more than five decades ago. Coincidentally, Bradesco and Luiz Carlos Trabuco hail from the same Brazilian town of Marilia. Despite only being a teenager when he joined the bank as a clerk, Trabuco quickly impressed in the role as was soon after promoted to a mid-level post. By 1984, he had already joined the managerial rank by being appointed to the position of marketing director. He impressed immensely in the position by mending the bank’s relationship with the press and was soon after the recipient of even bigger promotions. By 2003, he had already risen to become the president of Bradesco Seguros, a subsidiary of the bank. While at the insurance company he immensely the stature of the Brazilian insurance industry and was befittingly the recipient of numerous awards during six-year tenure. His success at the insurer also meant that he became the undisputed top candidate for the presidency of Bradesco once Marcio Cypriano retired. As such, in March 2009 Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over Mr. Cypriano as the president of Bradesco. It is a position that he has ably held since. He has also turned down numerous lucrative offers to remain with Bradesco including the chance to become Brazil’s finance minister.

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A New Beginning as Bradesco Chairman

In late 2017, Bradesco announced that Luiz Carlos Trabuco would be taking over from Lazaro Brandao as the chairman of the financial institution. It is a deserved appointment for Luiz Carlos Trabuco as he is significantly more experienced than every other employee at Bradesco. The appointment has also rejuvenated Trabuco’s relation with the bank as he was earlier meant to leave the bank this year after hitting the mandatory retirement age for presidents. Since the position of chairman does not carry a retirement age, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will likely be at Bradesco for at least a few more years. For the meantime, however, he will continue serving as the president of the bank until a replacement is chosen later on this year.

Stepping into the shoes of the legendary Lazaro Brandao will not be easy even for the highly active Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Before his departure, Mr. Brandao had been with the bank for more than seven decades according to Arguably, the bank’s most successful years came while Mr. Brandao was either serving as president or chairman. Fortunately, however, Luiz Carlos Trabuco had directly been working under Lazaro Brandao on the Bradesco board as the vice chairman for three years. Many in the industry were already speculating years ago that Lazaro Brandao was grooming Luiz Carlos Trabuco to take over after him.

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Oncotarget Moves Forward with Their Accomplishments with Cancer

Beginning at 2010, Oncotarget had began its origins as a traditional multidisciplinary journal that had an initial focus on oncology, the science of preventing diseases. Oncotarget was particularly focused on using the study of oncology as a method to eliminate cancer.

Oncotarget is still focus on that particular goal of the elimination of cancer but its methods have since been updated.

One method that has been updated to fit within the current times is the fact that Oncotarget had focused around its core values around democratization. In other words, keeping the journal itself open and free to be used.

The demonstration of democratization from Oncotarget is through the implementation of Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License that the journal actively supports.

Those who are unaware about Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, it allows researchers to share their research papers through the scientific community allowing for more tests and experiments to finish more expediently.

The democratization isn’t just regulated to just the scientists and researchers of that field. In fact, it’s meant for everyone to openly see the published reports.

Oncology originally was the only topic that Oncotarget had continued to focus on but it has also incorporated other subjects such immunology, chromosomes, and autophagy.

The result of the democratization and the license that enable for the research papers to be easily shared, it’s no wonder that a lot of research papers have been shared easily and freely. Listen to an audio podcast of Oncotarget on Itunes.

Accomplishments with Oncotarget’s Media Platform

Oncotarget has also been accomplished its stated objectives when it comes to its media landscape goals altogether.

One of Oncotarget’s earlier stated goals was that they were going to create a twice-weekly publication by transforming their once-weekly publication schedule into a twice-weekly publication that releases new issues on both Tuesday and Friday.

The outcome would be a two-fold solution.

The first solution that resulted from is that readers would be able to stay current with the breakthroughs that were occurring in Oncotarget. The second solution is that the media consumers would be able to avoid the hiatuses and gaps in the production schedule.

With that forward-moving approach with transforming the weekly publication into a twice-weekly publication, Oncotarget had also set its sights on the creation of their podcast.

The podcast’s objective would be to serve the listeners in hearing about the breakthroughs.

The podcast episodes are exceptionally brief. Therefore, the collection of the information from the episodes were very digestible.

Also, having it in the form of a podcast allows people to consume the information in more accessible manner. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

The podcast is currently available on Stitcher, Player. FM, Soundcloud, and iTunes.

Oncotarget’s Other Worthy Achievements

Oncotarget has also involved with other accomplishments besides the aforementioned.

One shining achievement that Oncotarget has had thus far is maintaining their impact factor score of 5.168. This can because of Oncotarget’s open and free nature that the journal itself embodies.

This is also shows that Oncotarget is gaining influence and is making an impact.

Another accomplishment that is notable is that Oncotarget researchers have been able to identify proven new therapeutic strategies to treat thyroid cancer.

Oncotarget is currently indexed by most scientific databases such as BIOSIS Previews, Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition, Embase, and Biological Abstracts.

Oncotarget’s noteworthy accomplishments have been notable and recognized.

Progress with Oncology in an Open and Free Way

With the research being published in Oncotarget at a faster pace, the core value of democratization upholds is showing its effect.

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Barbara Stokes: The Gem Of Huntsville, Alabama

Who is Barbara Stokes?

Barbara Stokes is the chief executive officer of Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC. Her husband, Scott Stokes, also happens to be the COO of the same company. Barbara Stokes’ name has other claims to fame, however. Barbara and Scott have also been associated with helping FEMA’s disaster relief services. However, they have primarily done this through the Green Structure Homes company. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

How did Stokes get her start?

Barbara Stokes graduated from the prestigious Mercer University in 2000. When she attended Mercer, her major was in biomedical engineering. During her time at Mercer, she studied several other subjects that would come to help her in her future career. Some of these include physics, technical communication, and manufacturing. Mercer University is located in the quaint town of Macon, Georgia.

What came next for Barbara Stokes?

After coming to Alabama, Barbara became associated with Green Structure Homes in the year 2008. This was when Barbara and Scott Stokes founded the company. With her and her husband Scott at the helm of the company, they have brought success and prosperity to Green Structure Homes. Many believe that the young couple has truly risen up overnight and made a name for themselves with their expert knowledge in business and disaster relief services. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

What does Green Structure Homes do?

Green Structure Homes LLC. designs high-quality steel and wood modular homes. Their homes are environmentally friendly and energy efficient to make them the ideal homes for the 21st-century American family. The homes from GSH are built in a manner of days from the time the kits are delivered. These homes are also able to withstand disastrous weather, including high-speed winds.

What does GSH do for their community?

Green Structure Homes has exclusive contracts with government agencies such as FEMA for when disaster strikes. One aspect of it is their temporary housing units in order to help families that have suddenly been left without a place to live.