The Limits of the Fashion Industry Online and How Fabletics Makes the Most of It

One of the industries that have the most challenges is the fashion industry when it comes to online success. One of the problems with the internet is that there is no space for people to try the products before they buy them unless it is completely digital. For fashion, there is just no way to make it so people can try the products online until they buy it. The technology is not there. However, Fabletics is taking the time to make sure that they are able to make up for the limitations. One of the ways that they are making up for the limitations is by keeping in contact with customers.


Fabletics understands how powerful the crowd can be. Therefore, they make sure that they are in contact with the customers for more than just advertising. As a mater of fact, advertising has become an outdated way of business. Newer businesses that are starting up are trying a more social and interactive way of engaging the community so that they can gain the customers they need for their business. Fabletics has also done this by making sure that customers are getting the items that are as close to what they desire as possible. One thing the company does not try to do is guess at what the customer wants.


Fabletics has also taken another approach to their company in order to deal with the limitations the internet brings to the fashion industry. One main limitation is that people are unable to try on the clothes they want. Kate Hudson and Don Ressler has manged this by opening up a few locations in the largest markets. This allows people to shop at the stores and find the clothes they want. After all, there are still people that one to enjoy the traditional shopping experience of going to the clothing store and getting into the fitting room.


Fabletics has shown that everything is given consideration in the fashion industry. There is also consideration of many factors of the general business industry. Companies that put the focus on how they can serve the customers are going to be the ones that have the most success in the industry. A lot of thought has been put into how the customers are going to be reached as well. Kate Hudson and the marketing team of Fabletics has come up with some really good advertising themes such as the Instagram themes for marketing.

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