Todd Lubar Businessman, Entrepreneur and Visionary in Baltimore Refurbishing

Baltimore is a city that while the population appears to be going down the demographic it is doing good with is younger adults. This is a location known as the Charm City and it appears to be charming young professionals.

The population in the city of young professionals has increased the demand for apartments and other living options. Real estate developers and their teams have started refurbishing older buildings into appealing options of apartments and condos for the young Baltimore residents.

The city is focused on improving public transportation and its expansion to make Baltimore a friendly place to work and live. This expansion alleviating the need for parking and the real estate refurbishing is projected to grow the metropolitan and suburban areas. Even though the business community has seen an uptick in Baltimore the cost of living is not expected to see a significant increase, which will make it a more desirable area for professionals.

The new housing options will have more amenities than what other city dwellers have found living in the city prior to this new need for living spaces. It also makes it a better place to live over the unaffordable areas of Washington D.C. for young professionals.

Trends that have been most noticeable in the city is the refurbishing and conversion of older buildings and historical landmarks. The Bank of America historical building was turned into some of a unique amenity filled and highest price living spaces. These have been turned into appealing apartments and condos. This includes places like 10 Light Street that Under Armour converted into a gym and training center. You can visit his website

Todd Lubar is president of TDL Global Ventures LLC and Sr. VP of Legendary Investments. As a native to the area graduating from Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C. in 1987, he has been involved in the refurbishing of Baltimore since the beginning. He is a college graduate of the Syracuse University. For more details visit Crunchbase .

As an entrepreneur and businessman, he has been involved in the real estate industry for over 20 years and ranked in the top 25 of mortgage originators. Mr. Lubar has worked in the construction industry, mortgage banking and the entertainment industry. Check out his Facebook page to see more.

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