The Kabbalah Center: Paying it Forward

Until relatively recently Kabbalah was only taught to men who were over 40. They were chosen because of their vast knowledge of Judaism. The Kabbalah Center strives to teach Kabbalah to as many practitioners as possible. Philip and Karen Berg are the directors of the Kabbalah Center.

Kabbalah teaches the importance of living every moment with purpose. They also stress the importance of connecting with others and the universe in all that you do. There is great importance placed in the afterlife At the Kabbalah Center they also teach that living every moment with purpose is important as well. Kabbalists believe that a purpose driven life should reach every corner of a human’s existence. Everything from what you wear to how you put it on has great importance to Kabbalists.

There is a wealth of information at the Kabbalah Center and on their website to help you lead this purpose driven life. Instead of focusing on learning about God, Kabbalists practice living alongside of God by communicating in new ways. Kabbalah is a spiritual practice more than a religious one. It is unique in that it is an extension of Judaism.

The Kabbalah Center started in 1984. Philip Berg and his wife Karen opened the center so they could work internationally as well as across other cultures and religions. The Kabbalah Center reaches around the globe.

The Kabbalah Center teaches the importance of volunteering in your own community, they also reach out globally in times of need. They have helped with both humanitarian and financial aid. They have reached out to places hit by disaster like Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti.

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