A Worldwide Movement: Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is a worldwide organization that seeks to promote the teachings Zohar and the Kabbalah. The center was founded in the 1920s by Rav Yehuda Ashlag and was passed on the 1960s to Rav Philip Berg. Today, there are over 50 different centers that serve a vast population are the globe. The center and its teachings have also become increasingly accessible through its online presence.

Kabbalah is often considered a religion. However, the teachings represent a universal truth that span a wide range of religions. Therefor, it is often a religious supplement for many of its followers. The Kabbalah Centre’s diverse teaching team supports a positive spiritual experience for its many followers. It serves to support the human experience, forming positivity and meaning for those experiencing the tidal changes of life.

The teachings are formulated around the Torah, or the Jewish bible. Once, considered to be such a dynamic experience, it was only taught to men over the age of 40. However, like many things throughout time, Kabbalah teachings have evolved to be embraced by a vast population. Spread by a universal desire to achieve a higher level of spiritualism, Kabbalah is the chosen route for many, include a group of enthusiastic celebrities.

For people seeking meaning, it is never to late to join in the teachings of the Kabbalah. In fact, this is part of the reason Yehuda Ashlag founded the center. The teachings have served countless people who have sought out guidance in their lives. Whether seeking to achieve a higher enlightenment or merely to work through the trials and tribulations of your life, Kabbalistic teachings help to bring about deeper focus and personal growth.

The center is there to help individuals find a launching point. They can guide individuals to the courses and pathways that will best help them in the direction they wish to go. Individuals can stream teachings live or begin by volunteering in one of the ever popular brick-and-mortar locations.


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